LuxSauna Testimonial – Dennis Gournias

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LuxSauna Testimonial - Dennis Gournias “It’s great to use with your partner” LuxSauna Testimonial - Dennis Gournias - “When you are in the Infrared Sauna, It allows you to have a great time especially when you are with your partner. My fiancé and I sit and chat the whole time which is great, which allows [...]

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LuxSauna Testimonial – Peppo

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LuxSauna Testimonial - Peppo “LuxSauna helped me with my fast, made me feel great”! LuxSauna Testimonial - Peppo - “I use LuxSauna every day and if I don’t use it any of the days, I can definitely feel the difference. I was puzzled at it, and I didn’t think that it would make so much [...]

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LuxSauna Testimonial-Karen Kaeter

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LuxSauna Testimonial-Karen Kaeter “Luxsauna increases my circulation and helps detox LuxSauna Testimonial-Karen Kaeter - After the car accident it was cold all the time and I love the way that sauna warms me up all the way through. Luxsauna increases my circulation, it helps to detoxify and increase my blood circulation and also the warmth [...]

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luxSauna Testimonials – Sarah Bates

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luxSauna Testimonials - Sarah Bates “LuxSauna is very healing to the skin”! “It’s very comfortable. I have done a lot of traditional saunas and sometimes the extremes of both hot and cold has its own excitement. But the luxsauna is a much more gentle piece for meditative kind of experience. And that’s something I really [...]

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luxSauna Testimonials-Kathy Brown

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luxSauna Testimonials-Kathy Brown “After using LuxSauna I could sleep better” “I just feel more comfortable, and when I come out I feel like a big weight is off! I didn’t used to get sleep at night and now I feel there is a big difference right there. After using LuxSauna I feel more comfortable, more [...]

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LuxSauna Testimonials-Mark LittleJohn

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LuxSauna Testimonials-Mark LittleJohn Well, LuxSauna in house is kind of a lifesaver! “Well, LuxSauna in house is kind of a lifesaver! Any time day or night, just turn in on, it increases your energy levels, It helps you calm down and relax, it soothes aching muscles. Other than air conditioner, the na is the next [...]

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Testimonial-Shanti Cousens

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Testimonial-Shanti Cousens - Tree of Life Testimonial-Shanti Cousens Wife of Gabriel Cousins of the Tree of Life “It is really deep level of detox”! “It is really a deep level of detox. Because the infra-red ray goes in and deeply activates all the organs, the liver and everything. My skin has got rosier and clearer [...]

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LuxSauna Testimonials-Tricia LittleJohn

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LuxSauna Testimonials-Tricia LittleJohn “LuxSauna keeps me from getting sick”! “In the last three weeks I have offered LuxSauna to at least three people who had bad cold and the sickness that was going around. We are so lucky because we haven’t gotten sick since using LuxSauna. It really keeps me keep away from getting sick. [...]

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-Rune Leslegaard

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“After a few days, my fat is gone”! “For me LuxSauna feels so amazing because I have used it for just four weeks, every day. It was only once I missed. That was a real life experience that my body was suffering a lot that day. And then I have stated using it every day [...]

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-Linda Plemmons

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“LuxSauna helps with weight Loss” “The LuxSauna has relaxed me. It goes deep into my bounce and it has played a huge part in increasing my wellness. It’s a stress buster for me and I want to do LuxSauna 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. If someone had one in their home, it [...]

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