Testimonial-Shanti Cousens – Tree of Life

Testimonial-Shanti Cousens Wife of Gabriel Cousins of the Tree of Life

“It is really deep level of detox”!

“It is really a deep level of detox. Because the infra-red ray goes in and deeply activates all the organs, the liver and everything. My skin has got rosier and clearer and for so many reasons I felt so much better. It was very nice. Because my husband and I don’t have a lot of time, we sit there, we meditate, and we talk and it’s a nice space to share in the evening after a busy day. I like the color and everything. I use it 20 minutes and it gives you nice sleep at night and I feel completely relaxed after every day of teaching and everything. I am really amazed” – Testimonial-Shanti Cousens-Tree of Life!

Watch Shanti Cousins live video Luxsauna testimonial here;  https://luxsauna.com/shanti-golds-cousens-tree-of-life/