LuxSauna Testimonials-Tricia LittleJohn

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LuxSauna Testimonials-Tricia LittleJohn “LuxSauna keeps me from getting sick”! “In the last three weeks I have offered LuxSauna to at least three people who had bad cold and the sickness that was going around. We are so lucky because we haven’t gotten sick since using LuxSauna. It really keeps me keep away from getting sick. [...]

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-Rune Leslegaard

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“After a few days, my fat is gone”! “For me LuxSauna feels so amazing because I have used it for just four weeks, every day. It was only once I missed. That was a real life experience that my body was suffering a lot that day. And then I have stated using it every day [...]

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-Linda Plemmons

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“LuxSauna helps with weight Loss” “The LuxSauna has relaxed me. It goes deep into my bounce and it has played a huge part in increasing my wellness. It’s a stress buster for me and I want to do LuxSauna 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. If someone had one in their home, it [...]

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-Seth Grossman

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“Sweating is good to get the toxins out”! Sweating helps in getting the toxins out, there is an added benefit with the far infrared; it activates the cells to release the toxins. I know that I feel so good after doing it. I really wasn’t thinking about it at a time when I was doing [...]

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-Tricia LittleJohn

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“I can feel it when I miss using LuxSauna for a couple of days”! “Well, what’s not positive? The weight loss, the stretching, my lower back pain has been reduced. I can feel it when I miss using LuxSauna for a couple of days because life gets busy or whatever and I feel so uncomfortable.Infrared [...]

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Debbie Hoyt

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“Just sit and meditate in LuxSauna! Lot of people sit in there and read, but I don’t read, I just sit and meditate. I feel that I am in my own world and I feel so comfortable with it!

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– Sabrina Fritts

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“You can burn up to 600 calories in one session"! “I am always looking for ways of improving my general well-being and health. And I like the detoxification qualities as well as the fact that, you can burn up to 600 calories in doing one session. And now it really helped me because, I don’t [...]

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Od Duhu

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I can’t live without my LuxSauna”! “My LuxSauna is a product that I cannot really live without. I really relay on that for lot of things and for peace of mind, for relief from my aches and pains after particularly long run. I count on it, that’s all I am thinking , I program my [...]

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Bernard Kirby

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“When I’m looking at my body after four weeks, I am a changed man”! “I have been using LuxSauna for about four weeks, everyday. And, first I have to say that, I really enjoyed using it. it was really a pleasurable experience for me. Its great to see the water just rolling off because you [...]

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-Mark LittleJohn

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“LuxSauna energizes me”! “On vacation, it helped in increasing m energy level and it feels so good in using it, like a that spa type treatment! Having that at home was so interesting. Some of the other saunas are just a little opposite, the heat stays dry where as the infrared actually doesn’t take away [...]

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