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LuxSauna Combined With – Nutrition and Healthy Eating

By | August 30th, 2013|Sauna Benefits, Sauna Detox Tips Section 1|

[framed_box]Detox Tips 2:How Do infrared Saunas Help You Look and Feel Better?[/framed_box] FAR Infrared saunas provide a powerful boost in blood circulation.Like a cleansing flood, the fresh oxygen washes away stagnant toxic impurities along with your weary emotions and feeplings. "Your food shall be your medicine" --Hippocrates Our diets and overall nutrition play a major [...]

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Injury, Recovery

By | August 30th, 2013|Sauna Benefits|

Recovering from any injury can be a long and painful process. Before Lux Saunas, recovering from a sports of over use injury could mean months away from the activity and long term physical therapy and medication. Although some injuries are very severe and require a long healing process to avoid further serious injury, many injuries [...]

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Pain Relief

By | August 30th, 2013|Sauna Benefits|

If you suffer from back and neck pain, Headaches, sore joints, arthritis or headaches then you will want to get into a LuxSauna as quickly and as often as you can. Relief is here! Japanese clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of infrared rays on pain relief. It is absolutely true that LuxSaunas infrared saunas are [...]

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Melt Cellulite

By | August 30th, 2013|Sauna Benefits|

One of the most frequent questions that potential customers ask is how Lux Saunas products can aid in reducing cellulite. As you might have already learned, far infrared rays penetrate deep into your body to draw out toxins while melting fat deep into the subcutaneous level of your skin. This penetration produces a much heavier [...]

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Highlight of Benefits

By | August 23rd, 2013|Sauna Benefits|

Benefits of using a Far Infrared Saunas by LuxSauna Weight Loss A far Infrared sauna can help you burn up to 600 or more calories in just one 30-minute session. Read More » Beauty Far Infrared Sauna is excellent for increasing blood circulation to the skin, which is essential for beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. Read [...]

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Detoxify yourself with the help of an infrared sauna

By | July 7th, 2013|Far Infrared Sauna|

The world we live in is filled with poisons and toxins of all kinds and there is no way that a person can escape from the harmful effects of the same, cause even the food we eat and water we drink is filled with toxins, pesticides etc. Even a person living a green diet on [...]

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Fight aging and obesity with a far infrared sauna at home

By | July 7th, 2013|Far Infrared Sauna|

One of the most frightening things to see in a mirror would be a few strands of white hair on your head or to realize that your cheek muscles are on the verge of collapsing soon. However, unlike in older times when such things happened only when a person really got old, these days thanks [...]

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Far Infrared Sauna Detox

By | June 7th, 2013|Far Infrared Sauna|

Far Infrared Sauna Detox Try the new FitBomb risk free Apart from the sauna weight loss treatment, we have other benefits which provide a healthy body through a healthy sauna. We all know how important water is in our lives and hence the intake of water and healthy liquid content should be more. [...]

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