Sports Injuries Sauna

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Unfortunately, most sports players will experience some form of bodily injury during their lives while participating in sports. Injuries can occur with a variety of sports players such as “weekend warriors” that only play sports when they have time on the weekend, people that jog, professional athletes and school sports players. In any of these activities, injuries such as aches, sprains and pulled muscles can easily occur with a single misstep or inefficient stretching session before exercise. However, many of these injuries can be mitigated and receive therapeutic treatment using a Lux Saunas Sports Injuries Sauna and recovery from Pain and inflamation while relaxing to your favorite piece of music, reading a book or listening to the radio.

For people of all ages, sports activities have become a major portion of the American culture. Sports like swimming, baseball, biking, football, jogging, soccer, ice skating, basketball and hockey can be exciting to both watch and play. However, despite their health benefits, these physical activities also create bodily stress that can result in injury. The thrill of professional competition can inspire people to push themselves too hard while playing a sport themselves and they can face an injury that can put them out of the game for an extended period of time while they recuperate.

In fact, injury recovery time can take anywhere from a few days to several months. Typical treatments for these injuries can include medication for pain or swelling, physical therapy performed by a health professional and, in some serious injuries, surgery with more healing time. Of course, some of these procedures are entirely necessary and help your body heal over time. However, most of these treatments do not provide the same regenerative and natural healing powers of Lux Saunas Far Infrared Saunas. Only Lux Saunas provides the products necessary to promote a healthy and toxin free body.

Many health professionals have already discovered that radiant heat is an effective and worthwhile treatment for such conditions like pain, sprains, arthritis, strains and muscle spasms. Also referred to as infrared heat, this treatment can penetrate into your bodily muscles and tissues that lie as deep as two inches from your exterior skin. This heat not only soothes the pain associated with sports injuries – but assists with healing by removing toxins and relaxing joints and muscles that are often constantly tense and uncomfortable – especially when injured.

Until the development of products by Lux Saunas, the only route to the benefits provided by radiant heat was to invest a small fortune in physical therapy. You would also need to adhere to the health professional’s schedule. This has changed as sports players can now make a small investment in a Lux Saunas product and save the money that they would spend on extensive physical therapy – all on their own schedule and while relaxing in the privacy of their own home to their favorite music. With the technology developed by Lux Saunas, the lack of oxygen in your body is replaced much faster than any other therapies or types of saunas – while providing the huge range of other health benefits at the same time.

Your Sports Injury Recuperation Options with Lux Saunas Products

With Lux Saunas products, you can recover from your injury and start participating in your favorite sport in no time at all. Many recreational athletes and professionals have already begun to reap the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna technology and have found such products to be the perfect alternative to costly and lengthy recuperation techniques. Lux Saunas units are available in a variety of sizes for any size budget or room. Best of all, Lux Saunas models run on no more power than a common hairdryer and plug directly in to a standard 110 volt electrical outlet found throughout your home. Infrared saunas are priced for any budget to extend the benefits of infrared sauna technology to the general public.

You have a variety of options when choosing the best Lux Saunas product for your needs. For example:

A standard one person sauna unit is equipped with a total of five infrared heaters and a CD player/AM-FM radio – priced at less than $2,000.00.

A standard two person sauna unit also includes five total infrared heaters as well as a CD player. Seating capacity is adequate for two people of any size – Also priced at less than $2,000.00.

Three to five people can enjoy our deluxe corner model as well with ten infrared heaters, a CD player and seating for as many as five people at one time. This unit is perfect for entire families, sports teams or sports therapy centers. This unit is priced at only $3,864.00.

If you would still like a chance to experience the vast health benefits of Lux Saunas products for yourself – risk free for 30 days. Our 2 person unit equipped with a CD player and five infrared heaters is priced at only $1,595. This will allow you to test the product for yourself and put your sports injuries to the test for an entire month. Don’t forget that the range of benefits that Lux Saunas products provide is not only limited to recovering from a sports injury – but also cleans toxins from your body and helps you to lose weight safely and quickly. Lux Saunas products will also help you to soften scars, promote relaxation and improve the appearance of cellulite.