The new patent approves 20 unique features of A new line of commercial fitness infrared fitness saunas.

Hi-Q Fitness manufactures the FitBomb, a series of far infrared fitness saunas with multiple features that enable one to three people to pre-heat and safely stretch then perform exercise routines without the risk of injury either in a home setting or in a commercial facility like a gym a yoga studio or even in hotel fitness centers.

Imagine, a use can can go from Hot Yoga to Intense Fitness in 2-Seconds.

One primary patented feature includes the ability to place or attach devises into an infrared heated room for the purpose of exercising. Key to the FitBomb is the strategically placed “D” rings throughout heavily reinforced interior walls of the sauna.

Attaching exercise bands, the user can perform an unlimited number of exercise routines safely. Literally hundreds of automated workout routines, (virtually on TV) are available to help users develop every muscle in their body. Popular routines include; hot yoga, palates, MMA, martial arts, superior core development, barre exercise to elevated intense fitness routines. Learn every type of discipline you can image while sweating out acids that cause disease and even the soreness produced by exercise.

Another feature invaluable for many businesses is the Intelligent Access System, (IAS) which enables users to purchase cards which when swiped activate and power-up the sauna for a predetermined period of time. It’s adjustable, controlled and tracked via computer. Very much like faubs used in hotels for remote keyless entry, this IAS activates the power, not locking or unlocking the sauna door. A user would swipe the card to activate power to the sauna for one hour or any preset time allotment – allowing 10-minutes or so to heat up (if needed) and the remaining time is spent indulging in the workout of your choice or just relaxing inside the far infrared heated FitBomb. IAS is like having a health and fitness “vending” machine.

“These innovations are designed to provide explosive health and fitness potential in one tool, in a way that businesses increase revenue by attracting and satisfying a larger client base while reducing operation costs”, states David Floyd Shurtleff, inventor.

Anyone, regardless of age, physical limitations or handicap now has the ability to warm up and safely engage; develop muscle while experiencing a multitude of benefits derived first from proper warm up to gradual to increased muscle stimulation while producing healthy, detoxifying profuse sweat in a far infrared FitBomb.

Currently there are 3 designs in the FitBomb infrared sauna line; the Studio – which measures 9’ wide x 7’ deep, big enough for 3 people to simultaneously perform exercise routines in front of the instructional videos on TV. The Solo Studio and smaller FitBomb saunas have the same features, but are designed for individuals. Alternatively, the fold out benches enable 2, 3 or 4 people to simply relax and enjoy the benefits of far infrared heat, sweating profusely enabling powerful detoxification, burn as many as 700 calories in a typical ½ hour session and experience a bonus cardiovascular workout while improving skin tone and overall appearance without lifting a finger.

An explosive trend since 2002, the far infrared sauna has gained recognition in many medical studies as a safe and effective way for old and young alike to quickly achieve significant health goals.

Years ago hot yoga led the way. Now a vast market expansion occurs because of massive benefits added as a result of the FitBomb far infrared heated fitness capabilities.

A number of businesses categories now profiting with FitBomb include: Chiropractors & Rehabilitation Facilities, Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Boxing Studios, Health Clubs and Gyms. Other clients include Professional and retired athletes and their respective organizations, Hotels, Resorts, Corporate Wellness programs, MMA Studios as well as Personal trainers and in-home – anyone seeking a daily detox that includes complete fitness capability; a gym without multiple pieces of bulky, heavy equipment.

About us:

The owner is a Service Disabled Veteran with plans on working to expand our penetration into military bases, the Veterans Administration and AFEES.