Sauna – Lose Weight

More than ever in human history, more people are trying to find ways to promote a healthier lifestyle by losing weight and removing harmful toxins from the body – toning and strengthening skin so that it returns to a more natural appearance once weight loss has occurred. However, the United States still hosts the highest proportion of overweight or obese people in the world. This obesity epidemic is contributing to other serious US health problems such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease – all often preventable but serious diseases. Weight loss companies recognize that more and more people are becoming frustrated with their conventional diet and exercise plans and are looking for the quick fix that will get them healthy without all the pesky exercise and healthy eating habits.

More and more quick fixes are becoming popular with the American public – especially so called “miracle pills” that claim to cut unwanted body fat quickly while you live your life as you always have – often with a price tag that can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over an extended period of time. And, of course, these diet pills only work after such an extended period of time – if you want to see results, you need to take the pills for several months and continue spending money. Some of these miracle pill companies even try to tell you that, if you slip up, you have to start taking the pill all over again and the time frame resets. These fads simply do not work and will ultimately do more harm than good.

A More Conventional Diet

Most experts agree that the only real approach to losing weight requires a much more conventional – or common sense approach. To lose weight, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise every day and remove toxins from your body. If you are one of the millions of people that struggle with weight issues each day, your first step is to replace certain foods in your diet with healthy foods like vegetables, fruit, lean meats (chicken and fish) and whole grains. Another important step is to embrace the freshness and clarity of old fashioned water and replace sugary sodas with at least 64 ounces of water each day.

Next, exercise is important to promoting a healthy body and shedding excess body fat. Any form of physical activity can be healthy and assist in cutting fat. Common choices include walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling and sports like tennis. Exercise is not only an important factor in cutting excess body fat – but helps tone your muscles and return loose skin to a more natural appearance rather than sagging after fat is lost.

Of course, for people that have performed even a small search for a solution to their weight loss problem have heard all of this before. Unfortunately, it is absolutely true and no fad diet can replace a healthy diet and exercise. However, healthy diet and exercise alone ignore an important part of any healthy program – internal cleansing of toxins and harmful chemicals.

Adding Detoxification to Your Overall Health Program

No matter how much effort you put into eating healthy and exercising regularly, there are toxins present in your body that must be removed in order to promote a truly healthy body. Luckily, Lux Saunas offers infrared heat saunas that are not only highly effective in removing these toxins – but can also expedite weight loss by removing fat at the same time. In fact, a single 30 minute session in an infrared sauna by Lux Saunas can burn up to 600 calories as well as eliminating 4 lbs. from your body in the form of sweat. These products are not simply another weight loss fad. These saunas are proven to work for weight loss and millions of people are already discovering the true benefits of infrared heat.

When you think of the word “sauna,” you likely think of a traditional hot rocks or steam sauna that, if you have used one, will likely conjure memories of intense and uncomfortable heat. However, an infrared sauna does not use this same type of technology. Instead, infrared rays penetrate deep into your skin and do not require the temperature of the sauna to be anywhere near that of a steam or hot rocks sauna. Not only does this conserve energy and feel more comfortable – but it also offers a wide range of additional benefits that more traditional saunas cannot match.

How Lux Saunas Products Differ From Steam Saunas

One of the primary differences between steam saunas and Lux Saunas products are that, in steam saunas, the air is heated to heat your skin. This wastes a great deal of energy and can get very hot. In contrast, infrared saunas actually heat your body by penetrating deep within it to melt fat and remove toxins. With steam saunas, the heat literally bounces off your skin rather than penetrating to remove toxins. Your body also sweats a great deal more in an infrared sauna than it does in a steam sauna. You can expect to sweat about 3 times more in a Lux Saunas unit than in a steam sauna. Finally, you can expect to lose water weight right away. This weight will be regained once you drink more water. However, the calories that you lost at the same time will not be replaced by simply drinking water.

Using a Lux Sauna far infrared saunas are a great deal like participating in an intense exercise session. Fat in your body acts as a natural filter when you eat poor foods as part of your regular diet. If less toxins are present, your body does not feel like it needs to store as much of it and begins to expel it in the form of sweat. Many saunas promise these same benefits but cannot deliver anywhere near as much as infrared saunas. In fact, a Lux Saunas unit can remove as much as 300% more toxins such as sodium, nicotine, alcohol and cholesterol than more traditional saunas like hot rocks or steam.