Infrared Sauna Heaters

The Far Infrared Sauna heater produced by Lux Saunas is new, effortless approach to regaining exceptional health in the privacy of your own home with home sauna equipment. The Black Bio spectrum ceramic heaters are produced by LuxSauna and combined with carbon heating technology to generate all around far infrared heat to penetrate the body and provide the maximum health and detoxification benefits. The secret to the technology is in a deep and healthy sweat that removes toxins from the body. Our sauna heat technology is vastly superior to other heating technologies used in saunas – such as incoloy heating, concave heating and fiberglass based carbon sauna heaters.

Older saunas heaters generate much more heat than necessary and waste energy – many of it not penetrating deep enough into the body to provide any health sauna benefits. Steam or hot rocks saunas work by generating bursts of heat that can be intensely uncomfortable. These saunas are designed to heat the air within the room rather than heating the body. Infrared saunas use dry heat that mimics that of the human body to provide the maximum detoxification and deep heat penetration – at a fraction of the cost of operating more traditional saunas.

How Infrared Saunas are the Perfect Alternative

Infrared Saunas do not waste energy releasing heat into the air inside the unit. With traditional saunas, most of the heat does not make it past the skin – as much as 97% simply bounces off and is lost in the air. However, infrared saunas heaters penetrate deep into muscle tissue to melt fat and remove toxins without resorting to extreme temperatures. Most toxins are stored in body fat. Lux Saunas uses this principle to their advantage by melting this fat (at 104 degrees) and removing these toxins through heavy sweating. As these toxins are expelled through sweat, you lose weight and become healthier through a cleaner body.

Why is Toxin Removal Important?

As healthy as you might feel, your body is constantly bombarded by toxins throughout the day. It is estimated that the average living environment contains more than 65,000 harmful chemicals that cause disease and expedite the effects of aging. No age group is safe from these chemicals. A study performed by the American Red Cross found that the average baby was infected with 287 chemicals in their blood stream. Of these chemicals, 217 are known to be toxic to the human body and 180 have been shown to cause damage to DNA.

The author of the book, Detoxify or Die, Sherry A. Rogers, has found that the use of infrared saunas is the sole way to remove many of the damaging or harmful toxins that infect our bodies – especially toxins such as Phthalates (often located in common plastic). All of the toxins that an infrared sauna removes are often associated with diseases such as obesity and cancer. One of the most important aspects of using an infrared sauna is that you need to drink a great deal of water while using it. The health benefits of drinking enough water every day alone can contribute to a healthy body – especially when the water is used to expel toxins through sweat. An infrared sauna can be compared to a shower for the inside of your body. Just as it is important to regularly remove toxins and chemicals from the outside of your body, it is important to regularly flush the inside of your body using an infrared sauna.

The True Power of Infrared Saunas

Infrared rays instantly penetrate through your exterior skin to melt fat located as far as 1 1/2 inches. This heat causes chemicals like toxins and acid to leak through your exterior skin in the form of sweat and leave your body naturally. Your body responds to this heat in much the same way as it does to a fever – but without the ill feeling. Your body naturally switches over to disease fighting and starts cleansing chemicals from your fat cells in order to recover from the perceived illness – an entirely safe, natural and healthy process. This entire process strengthens your immune system and stimulates cardiovascular activity – resulting in an exercise effect without the hard work.

Far infrared heaters technology was first used for NASA astronauts that found that, using infrared heat, they could achieve an effective workout without needing to exercise. You might be surprised just how effective Infrared Saunas from Lux Saunas can be. In fact, the average 39 minute Infrared Sauna session can help you burn as much as 600 calories each session.

Infrared rays are naturally generated by the Sun every day. They are absolutely safe for humans. Infrared Saunas simply harness this energy and use it in a positive way to promote a healthy body. The Sun’s energy is mimicked by state of the art ceramic heaters that produce heat waves actually safer than prolonged exposure to the Sun.

“How Do The LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas Produce Such Amazing Results?”
Far Infrared Saunas – Spas: Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD has a lot to say on the subject “At The Tree Of Life a lot of people come from the world with mental, emotional and physical toxicities and the LuxSauna we like for two particular reasons: they are the highest grade spas and saunas at the best prices. No small deal, this is important. We encourage people to buy LuxSauna saunas when they go home.. So they can continue an ongoing detox program because we’re always accumulating toxins in the world. The food we eat. The water we drink and the air we breathe. Filled with toxins continuously. And this is a continual way to undo this ”