Sauna Dealer Information

It doesn’t matter whether you are already an established and respected business and are considering the possibility of adding the Lux Saunas infrared sauna dealer product line to your product selection or are considering a new business selling Lux Saunas infrared heating products – we can help you be successful by using tested and proven marketing techniques that will help you generate income and increase your earning potential.

Sauna Dealer Start Up

One of the first things that you can do to fully understand the Lux Sauna dealer – product line is to purchase one yourself for personal testing and to provide as a testing space for prospective customers – particularly medical professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, spa owners and health practitioners. Ask them for feedback in order to better refine your marketing approach. You may be surprised to find that almost everyone that tests a Lux Saunas portable infrared sauna will immediately want one for themselves.

Marketing: Lux Sauna Dealer Products

The easiest selling points of Lux Saunas products are the vast amount of health benefits associated with regular use. Accent the immediate health benefits of a single 30 minute session to your customer as these will be the most attractive and verifiable (selling a product that only works after a long period of use is difficult). Your primary target is the Baby Boomer market where most of the nearly trillion dollar spending on health products exists (as this age group begins to consider retirement and notice the effects of aging). Focus on the immediate and apparent benefits of Lux Saunas products and you will set yourself apart from other suspect health scams that promise results but deliver none.

One important reference is the book Detoxify or Die, by Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. or the book Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeaus. This book accents Japanese studies and remedies that include Far Infrared Sauna treatment along with alkaline water treatment for diseases and conditions such as heart burn, cancer and diabetes.

One of the most effective paths to advertising and support is through Chiropractors. Allow them to test your Lux Saunas products and ask them for referrals to their customers as a part of their overall treatment plan. With tools that we provide to you such as a telemarketing script, direct mail letter, affinity letter and direct response advertisements, you can use a combination of referrals and word of mouth advertising to drive huge sales volumes.


How to Sign Up as a Distributor

There are a variety of steps by which you can sign up to become a distributor for Lux Saunas:

Use our Contact Form to establish contact

Sign up as a distributor on our Affiliate Signup page

Call us at 888-589-7186 and provide your information to one of our customer service representatives*.

*When choosing this option, it is important to distinguish whether you are a distributor or end user client Purchase a minimum of one demo product from our Products page. Doing so is a very important step in generating orders quickly after beginning your marketing campaign. Your will receive a credit on subsequent orders.

Following approval as a distributor, you will have access to all marketing far infrared sauna kit tools, collateral and banners. You will also be permitted to download and develop presentations. You will receive a welcome email as a new distributor. In this email, you will be provided with your access code and user name that you will use to log in to the affiliate portion of our web site.

The Road to Distributor Success

There are a variety of factors that will determine your level of success as a distributor for Lux Saunas. While you will be able to control some of these factors, there will be a few that you cannot control. Your most important task is to minimize the amount of factors over which you have no control.

Learn Your Product

One of the most important things that you can do to drive sales is learn everything you can about the product and its benefits. Study our web site so that you become familiar with all products – not just the ones that you expect to sell. You should be able to have a discussion with your customers about any product that you intend to sell and be able to recommend a specific product based on the customer’s needs. Browse the affiliate section of our web site for marketing tips and resources.

Learn the specific health benefits of Far Infrared Saunas as this will be your primary selling point as these are the major contributor to the separation of Lux Saunas products and your competition. You will learn how to transform what some might think of as a luxury to something that your customer is convinced that they need. Create a problem (lack of health, danger of toxins in the body) and use your product to provide the solution.

Use Leads to Your Advantage

If you are successful as a distributor, you will receive a list of high quality leads from Lux Saunas each week in order to assist you with additional sales. As you become more successful, the list of leads that you receive will become longer. Pursue these leads aggressively but professionally. Most leads will consist of individuals interested in the product who have issued a response to an advertisement – they are interested in buying the product or learning more.

Generate Your Own Leads and Identify Prospects

Create a list of prospects and split it into 2 categories – prospects that you think have a great deal of potential and those that you are not sure about. Never make the mistake of not pursuing a lead but recognize the differences between the two categories and identify how you would like to approach them.

Examine How Other Have Succeeded Before You with Lux Saunas

The infrared sauna market is rapidly growing in the United States. For the most part, business people that enter the market now can expect to have a higher amount of success than those in the market before. Asia has become a particularly popular market for infrared sauna sales with more than 300,000 selling through the past few years. Customers are rapidly beginning to discover the benefits of Lux Saunas products including health benefits, comfort and ease of use. Your primary task is to educate the Baby Boomer market of these benefits in order to make sales.

Educational sales opportunities exist in many prime categories. Some of the most successful in the past have been:

Health professionals – references from doctors to patients are very powerful in driving large sales volumes, particularly from chiropractors and physical therapists.

Affinity Letters – the famous Jay Abraham plan that is a testimonial letter written by one pleased customer for future potential customers.

Internet – a web site is a powerful educational and promotional tool that you can use for high sales traffic and conversions.

There are several effective ways to generate or pursue leads for potential customers:

Direct Mail – letters sent to leads from company or targeted mailing lists

Local Press Release – news published about Lux Saunas products accenting the various benefits of the products and where to find such products

Other Techniques – Lux Saunas can assist you with determining the most effective marketing techniques for your location or targeted markets such as television, radio and publicity.