You Are What You Eat

The old adage you are what you eat is fast being replaced by the more accurate you are what you absorb. And what we’re absorbing is shocking.

In a amazing book called The Detox Revolution : A Powerful New Program for Boosting Your Body’s Ability to Fight Cancer and Other Diseases, by Thomas J Slaga, PhD., and Robin Keuneke – the authors examine the toxicity of Americans, the causes for it, and outline a plan to rid your body of such toxins and life a healthier life. Here we at LuxSauna examine some of the book’s findings.

Toxic heavy metals find their way into our bodies daily. Cosmetics, antacids, car and truck exhaust, tuna fish, bass and trout, seafood, shellfish, canned foods, lipstick, buffered aspirin, tobacco smoke, drinking water, amalgam “silver” dental fillings, laxatives, vaccines, fertilizers, processed cheese, industrial pollution, insecticides, herbicides, medications, and many more, contain toxic heavy metals. Toxic heavy metal contamination is so pervasive in our environment that it is no longer a question of whether one has been exposed to toxins, but rather the level of exposure. Toxic heavy metals in your body affect three main areas: the nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune system. Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, aluminum and others disrupt nerve cell growth and metabolism and have been implicated in a variety of conditions.

Symptoms pke indigestion, bloating, headaches, fatigue, and allergies, as well as the more severe diseases of our time, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, lupus, muscular dystrophy, environmental illnesses, and fibromyalgia, may all be connected directly or indirectly to some form of toxic overload.

Unfortunately, each of us is bombarded by toxins daily through preservatives, pesticides and other food additives, chemicals in tap water, air pollution, pharmaceuticals, mercury in dental fillings, and even hidden external stressors such as radiation.

So the question is: how can we detoxify our bodies in order to give good nutrition, exercise, and supplements the optimal chance they need to help us stay healthy Of course, there are a number of detoxification methods which you will learn more about in this section.

The Detox Revolution

The toxins and carcinogens found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat can overload our systems and endanger good health. Whether you’re born with surprisingly “good” genes or “bad” genes, you can still boost your body’s ability to cleanse itself of these harmful substances by following the breakthrough program presented in The Detox Revolution.

By now, the health benefits of such foods as green tea and soy have been well touted. But what you may not know is that through a carefully structured diet balancing the right “superfoods” with supplements and lifestyle strategies you can help your body perform at optimum levels of health and energy, while greatly reducing the risk of disease.

Written by an internationally respected, thirty-five-year veteran in cancer research and nutrition, The Detox Revolution promotes the importance of building a new, more rational food pyramid, with special emphasis on incorporating surprising superfoods, including blueberries, grapefruit, carrots, rosemary, ginger, broccop sprouts, onions, walnuts, spinach, watermelon, and salmon, as well as such sinful favorites as red wine, dark chocolate, and coffee! Based on the American Medical Center’s heavily researched findings, author Thomas J. Slaga, Ph.D., clearly outpnes how practicing healthy eating habits strengthens your body’s detoxification and immune systems, thus preventing such degenerative and deadly diseases as diabetes, arthritis, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Throughout his revolutionary program, Dr. Slaga incorporates scores of helpful tips from the research done at AMC Cancer Research Center, which proclaim the many detoxification benefits of:

Installing water filters in the kitchen and bathroom taps, as well as showerheads

Adding a little watercress to your salads and sandwiches everyday

Incorporating a liberal amount of spices in your diet

Marinating meats with garlic, onions, turmeric, or rosemary

Finding a dry cleaner that utilizes less harmful cleaning methods

And much more!

The Detox Revolution’s easy-to-follow program includes a cancer risk test, Dr. Slaga’s research-based supplement recommendations, and depcious, innovative recipes that make it easy and tasty to incorporate the superfoods into your everyday eating.

Cleanse yourself of the toxins that invade your body every day and live a longer, healthier life with The Detox Revolution.

Optimize your body’s ability to fight disease with breakthrough program from a world-renowned scientist.

Which foods really enhance your body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins Which supplements work in conjunction with superfoods to supercharge your body’s ability to fight disease? What lifestyle changes can add years to your life? Find out how to rid your body of pfe-threatening contaminants with the breakthrough program found in The Detox Revolution. Based on his thirty-five years of experience in the field, world-renowned researcher and scientist Thomas J. Slaga, Ph.D., reveals the vital role good nutrition plays in genetic function and your body’s ability to neutralize carcinogens. Here you’ll learn how to harness the detoxifying powers of superfoods and discover the AMC Cancer Research Center’s strategies to increase your DNA’s repair activity-the first step toward preventing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Pubpsher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Pubpshed: 2003
Fictionwise Release Date: June, 2003