“You can burn up to 600 calories in one session”!
“I am always looking for ways of improving my general well-being and health. And I like the detoxification qualities as well as the fact that, you can burn up to 600 calories in doing one session. And now it really helped me because, I don’t have time to workout where I live, it’s not easy for me to go to gym. So this was a way for me to bring something to my house that would help me to maintain my health and well-being. I love that it was just simple and the fact that I was receiving benefits immediately.

Didn’t have the sinus issues that i had before and immediately the pain on my upper back and shoulder disappeared. My muscles are aligned and the structure is firm just by using the sauna. Having it at home, you do sweat and that’s the whole process of the LuxSauna, to create that sweating to release the toxins, pains and aches from your body. It is very convenient to have it at home; you get the sweat, get the work out and then go and take shower afterwards. I have a friend who approaches once immediately after I did the sauna, she is also a client of mine; she was going for chemotherapy at that time and found the benefits amazing after using LuxSauna.

My mom when she comes out to visit us, the first thing she wants to do is to get in the LuxSauna. I Love the fact that.

With LuxSauna there is no maintenance at all. We have a hot tub, which is very problematic, it had a leak which we couldn’t find and it had chemicals and I dint like the fact that we were sitting on something that was actually socking chemical into our body. LuxSauna was very easy to assemble, we assembled it in 45 minutes, plugged it in immediately and wormed it up and was able to use it within two hours of bringing it to our home. I use it up to five times a week almost every day. Really but there are couple of the days where I just don’t have the time to get into it, then I miss it. So now I try for every day.

I already had decent skin, but I live in a very dry climate and i used to have break-outs on my upper arms just little white heads all the time since the child and that has gone completely. I don’t have my monthly breakout anymore. I have been sleeping better at night, less stress and i felt like I have lot of clarity in my life. I really want to have the ability to have clear and focused thoughts to attract the things into my life. This is really helpful with my manifestations”.