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Want to lose weight? Need to detoxify your body? Want to feel good about your body? Looking for a sauna that can working for all the three above? Get the best quality far infrared saunas in Providence area. The finest in Rhode Island saunas, we offer you the best at prices that are even better! Be it for a commercial purpose of for home use, our far infrared saunas are the best bet you could get in the entire of Rhode Island.

Far infrared saunas use infrared heater that emit infrared heat. This heat gets absorbed in the human body, thus triggering the internal healing process. Unlike a steam sauna that heats up the surrounding area, thus artificially heating up the body, Providence far infrared saunas work in a naturally invigorating manner. So if you want to get rid of the bad toxins that have made home in your body, a far infrared sauna would be ideal for you. Also, if because of your health problem you cannot sweat from exercise; these far infrared saunas are the best thing for you. One of the important tools in losing weight, far infrared saunas make the user sweat 600-800 kcals without any adverse side effects. With this sweat loss, water as well as a good amount of calories get lost. Though water loss can be regained by consumption of water, calorie loss is for good! A naturally effective way of losing weight, Providence saunas are the talk of the town! With so many options in the Rhode Island saunas to choose from, it is only after reaching and understanding of every type of sauna that one can make an informed decision. So find out which sauna works best for you, and which remains easy on your pocket and start your regular sauna regimen at the earliest!