Product Description

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Far Infrared heat prepares your muscles, ligaments and cartilage for exercise better than any other modality. Not pre-heating is like running your car without oil.

30-DAYS RISK FREE TRIAL: We are so confident you’ll love the Hi-Q Fitness Saunas that we’re willing to offer an unheard of guarantee: Use the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna in the privacy of your own home and if you’re not 100% amazed with the results you get, simply return it and we’ll issue a refund.

Standard Accessories on all Saunas
Samurai Sauna is our Handicap enabled sauna: Wheelchair accessible / friendly

Outside Dimensions

59″ W x 51.2″ D x 77″ H

Inside Dimensions

53″ W x 45.5″ D x 75″ H


2-3 Person

Seating Type

Free Flow Bench with ergonomic back rests Can be Removable to expose 360 Swivel Exercise Stool when bench is stored at back wall.

Adjustable Temperature 

Up to – 140°F

Timer Setting

0 to 60 minutes

Wood Material

100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Hemlock construction – toxin emission of less than .05% and has longevity of 300 -1000 years. It has zero irritants and is perfectly safe for people with asthmas or allergies. Non Toxic Water Based Glues used


Patent Pending – Reinforced Walls provide up to 600 pounds per spot “D” ring tensile strength. Hi-Q Fitness saunas are custom made with precision craftsmanship and strenuous attention to detail! We use durable construction techniques such as screws where othere saunas use staples and lock washers with rubber cement on all electronic connections to avoid unwanted, dangerous sparks.


100% -7-14 micron emitting Quartz – Ceramic Heaters – Made in America and installed strategically for optimal heat where you need it – Hi-Q ceramic heaters are superior for human benefits – see proof: Click Here

Tempered Glass Door

Yes – Smoked Glas – Tempered

Sauna Cover

Available – allows protective outside use.

Power Usage / AMPS

120V / 15.63 AMPS / 2200 Watts

Internal / External Lighting


Infrared Wave Lengths

7 – 14 microns (um)

Thermal Glass


MP3 Music Player with
AM-FM and Speakers


Interior Features

Towel Racks, Shelving, Ergonomic back rest, MP3-AM/FM Stereo with speakers


All Hi-Q Fitness owners enjoy a LIFETIME WARRANTY 1 year on MP3 player

EMF (Electricalmagenetic Field)

The EMF Measured on emitters of the Hi-Q Fitness Far Infrared Saunas indicates one of the lowest in the industry: 2.47 mG.
There is much conflicting evidence regarding the potential effects of high/low frequency EMFs. If interested in reading more: Click to review

Unique Hi-Q Fitness
Infrared Sauna Features

Hi-Q Fitness Saunas are loaded with more superior patent pending features than any other sauna on the market. As health & fitness industry professionals with extensive knowledge of the detoxifying benefits of an infrared sauna, the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna line provides the very best technology; clinically proven heaters guaranteed to provide you the health benefits you deserve and the highest quality Hi-Q Fitness center that money can buy. PLUS: you can relax in the certainty that Hi-Q Fitness has the confidence to give you full 12-months to try it Risk Free along with our standard lifetime warranty!


Note: Sauna specifications, including wood, cabinetry, color (due to natural variations in wood color and texture) are not guaranteed to have any specific appearance and Hi-Q Fitness is not responsible for slight color or finish variations.Colors, appearance and electronics are subject to change at any time. Hi-Q Fitness neither expresses nor implies any guarantees of any kind regarding health benefits or specifications represented on this website.


Look like a movie start, faster than a movie star can. Combined with the beneficial far infrared heat immersion you double down on the facial, skin and anti-aging benefits with this remarkable LED light therapy tool. If anti aging is your goal the answer lies inside the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna. Use it daily or as often as you want for the most amazing results.
LED TV-DVD This convenient drop down combination television, DVD makes it easy to watch the Hi-Q Training videos. Or just sit back and expend about 700 calories per half hour with your favorite DVD or TV show.
Handicap-Wheelchair ramp This convenient ramp enables easy access for wheelchairs.
Handicap Handles Handles (also exclusively in the Samurai sauna) enable quicker and easier maneuverability inside the sauna.
Covers For those who prefer to use the Hi-Q Fitness sauna outside you will need our custom covers that will help protect the sauna from weather and elements that would otherwise ruin the sauna.
Custom Color Options You have the ultimate choice of selecting the colors of your choice. Contact a Hi-Q Fitness representative to discuss your options.

Customize the sauna color to match your decor: $3,800 extra!