Product Description

Until we get our new videos completed, this video serves to reflect most of the features of the FitSauna. The Solo is heavier, has sliding doors and D rings on the walls as well as the floor and roof.



69″ W x 53″ D x 75″ H –

385 Pounds

Capacity 1 Person has plenty of space to perform workout routines. Insert the removable 5 1/2’ bench and several people (3-4) have room to sit and relax.
Removable Seating Removable wide bench allows freedom of movement and the space for working out or when in place seating several people at once.
Adjustable Temperature Up to – 140°F
Timer Setting 0 to 60 minutes
Wood Material 100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Hemlock construction – toxin emission of less than .0005%. Zero irritants – Recommended and safe for people with asthma, allergies. Non Toxic Water Based Glues.
Construction Patented – Reinforced floor/ceiling provide more than 200 pounds per “D” ring tensile strength. FitBomb saunas are custom made with precision craftsmanship and strenuous attention to detail!
Heaters 11 heaters: 5 Ceramic, 6 Carbon which emit 98% at the optimum 9.4 in the far infrared range on the micron scale. (Dual-Force) Heaters – the most powerful and effective combination – installed strategically for optimal heat where you need it – the FitBomb ceramic heaters are superior for human benefits – see proof: Contrary to erroneous internet claims; ceramic is slightly more effective at producing beneficial heat in the far infrared category: Click Here
Glass Door Tempered
Power Usage / AMPS 110V / 15.63 AMPS / 2200 Watts (commercial units require direct connect by qualified electrician)
Internal Lighting Yes
Infrared Wave Lengths 7 – 14 microns (um) 95 – 98% at 9.4
Thermal Smoked Glass
Sliding Door
18” TV and Speakers 18″ Touchscreen TV customized for enduring extreme heat.
Interior Features Stretch Bar(s), Chin-up bar, Exhaust fan, “D” rings, Speed Bags and ceiling attachments
Warranty All FitBomb owners enjoy a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY; cabinet, 12 months on electronics & Touchscreen TV

* Extended Warrantees available

EMF (Electricalmagenetic Field) The EMF Measured on emitters of the FitBomb Far Infrared Saunas indicates one of the lowest in the industry: .47 mG.There is much conflicting evidence regarding the potential effects of high/low frequency EMFs. If interested in reading more: Click to review
Note Note: Sauna specifications, including wood, cabinetry, color (due to natural variations in wood color and texture) are not guaranteed to have any specific appearance and FitBomb is not responsible for slight color or finish variations. Colors, appearance and electronics are subject to change at any time. FitBomb neither expresses nor implies any guarantees of any kind regarding health benefits or specifications represented on this website.