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luxsauna far infrared SolarSpa

LuxSauna SolarSpa®

Designed to comfortably accommodate 2 people, the LuxSauna SolarSpa Infrared Sauna is popular with families and single customers that prefer to have plenty of room in their sauna to stretch out and relax. This flat wall unit comes with all of the features of our Elite line while featuring a double window front and full aesthetic accent interior lighting. Console Digital panel provides ultimate control of the timer and temperature. Each LuxSauna SolarSpa Infrared Sauna is custom built for your needs with only the highest quality Canadian Cedar exterior and 100% non toxic Spruce interior- proven to have a toxin emission rating of less than 0.5%.

A total of seven Carbon Fiber heating elements provide the maximum dry heat atmosphere that is designed to melt away pounds and penetrate deep into muscles and tissues to soothe aches and pains and release tension in as little as 15 minutes. Four carbon heaters provide heat circulation from the rear wall while dual bench heaters utilize free flow hot air technology to the buttocks and thighs. Finally, Carbon Fiber heaters on both sides of the LuxSauna SolarSpa Infrared Sauna complete the heating cycle perfect for up to three occupants. Although elegant and spacious, each unit arrives in separate pieces to make shipping and moving as easy as possible.

Outside Dimensions 51.2″W x 47.2″D x 76.8″H
Inside Dimensions 48″W x 43″D x 71″H
Capacity 2 Person
Seating Type Bench
Adjustable Temperature Up to – 140°F
Timer Setting 0 to 60 minutes
Wood Material 100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Spruce interior and Canadian Cedar sauna construction exterior! Non Toxic Water Based Glues
Construction Tongue & Groove Walls made with precision craftsmanship! 100% Non-toxic water based glues used
Back 50*90cm 330w/2pcs 0.9m2
Left 50*90cm 330w/1pcs 0.45m2
Right 50*90cm 330w/1pcs 0.45m2
Bottom 30*100cm 225w/2pcs 0.3m2
Front 200w 2pcs 2pcs
Total 2170w 2.1m2(carbon heater)
2 pcs (ceramic heater)
Door with Window Yes
Sauna Cover Available – allows protective outside use. Covers
Operating Temperature Room temp to 140°F
Power Usage / AMPS 120V /13.34AMPS / 2170 Watts
Infrared Wave Lengths 7 – 14 microns (um)
Internal Lighting Yes
External Digital Control Yes
MP3 Music Player with AM-FM and Speakers AM-FM STEREO & SPEAKERS (MP3 Optional)
Warranty All LuxSauna owners enjoy a LIFETIME WARRANTY
Interior Features Oxygen Ionizer: Provides an oxygen environment – expedites detox and kills bacteria for Self Cleaning benefits Ergonomic backrests with Lumbar support.
Unique LuxSauna Infrared Sauna Features The LuxSauna SolarSpa Far Infrared Sauna is loaded with superior features; More than any other sauna on the market. Bio-Spectrum Carbon Heaters, Free-Flow Benches and easy to use control makes this the finest sauna available today. PLUS: you can relax in the certainty that LuxSauna has the confidence to give you a lifetime warranty!
Black Bio Spectrum Carbon Heaters The LuxSauna SolarSpa Far Infrared Sauna includes 5 Carbon Fiber heaters and 2 Ceramic Heaters. Our heaters emit the greatest spectral distribution of beneficial infrared heat on a 7-14 micron level, and are the only heaters with extensive proof demonstrated in many clinical trials for providing the most beneficial effects. IMPORTANT: Be Wary of other companies trying to impress you with makeshift, less expensive heaters. THERE IS NO BETTER HEATING ELEMENT AVAILABLE
Contoured Lumbar Support Backrests Each LuxSauna Far Infrared Sauna uses ergonomic, Free-Flow contoured backrests that provide more support and comfort while allowing optimal deep penetration far infrared heat circulation.