Product Description

Dual-Force 3-person corner:

D-Force 3 Corner Infrared Sauna is an affordable and luxurious unit that you might use each and every day – if you do, you will experience it all – (massive) health benefits very quickly.

Outside Dimensions 59″ W x 59 D x 76″ H (note: Depth is extended 5″ with the front cover)
Inside Dimensions 56″ W x 56″ D x 74″ H
Capacity 3 Person
Seating Type Bench
Adjustable Temperature Up to – 140°F
Timer Setting 0 to 60 minutes
Wood Material 100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Spruce Tongue & Groove sauna construction. It has zero irritants and is perfectly safe for people with asthmas or allergies. Non Toxic Water Based Glues
Construction Tongue & Groove Walls! 100% Non-toxic water based glues
Heaters More Far Infrared Heating capacity per square inch than any other far infrared sauna on the market! 100% -7-14 micron emitting Carbon Boost Technology Infrared Heaters 100% surround effect
Door with Window Yes
Sauna Cover Available – allows protective outside use. Covers
Operating Temperature Room temp to 140°F
Power Usage / AMPS 120V / 15 AMPS / 1750 Watts
Infrared Wave Lengths 7 – 14 microns (um)
Internal Lighting Yes
External Lighting Yes
Internal Digital Control Yes
External Digital Control Yes
AM-FM Sterio with Speakers Yes
Carbon Boost Technology (Patent Pending) Heaters The LuxSauna Far Infrared Sauna includes Surround Carbon Boost Technology heaters. Our pre-configured number of heaters in this unit are just enough without being overwhelming to the user – while the heaters emit the greatest spectral distribution of beneficial infrared heat at or near 9.4 in the micron level.
EMF (Electricalmagenetic Field) The EMF Measured on emitters of the LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas indicates one of the lowest in the industry: 2.47 mG.
There is much conflicting evidence in support the damaging capability of low frequency EMFs. If interested in reading more: Click to review
Note: Note: Sauna specifications, including wood, cabinetry, color (due to natural variations in wood color and texture) and electronics are subject to change at any time. LuxSauna neither expresses nor implies guarantees of any kind regarding health benefits or specifications represented on this website. This special unit is limited in number of units and comes with 30-day limited warranty – which assures the product arrives in good working order and buyer is aware the product may have cosmetic blemishes.