Commercial Saunas

//Commercial Saunas

Commercial Saunas Series – “FitBomb Far Infrared Sauna Rooms”

FitBomb presents two Patented commercial saunas that are built for commercial use. Two sizes and styles that accommodate any fitness center, spa or facility where there is demand for state of the art fitness and therapy results.

STUDIO FitBomb Commercial Saunas

Measures 7’ x 9’ and enabling a trio of fitness sessions at once; triple your results while you triple revenue every hour.

SOLO FitBomb Commercial Saunas

Measures 78.3” long and 50” wide
Allows one person to engage in workouts (with TV, videos)
Or 3-5 can sit and relax in the far infrared heat.

Increase Business with the new FitBomb Commercial Saunas

You can even add our optional Power Access System (PAS) “pre-paid usage” using a credit card per event.

Attract an entirely new target market. There is a growing consumer market that wants the powerfull results only the FitBomb can deliver.

Warm-Up – Get Hot – Exercise and Stretch Muscles – Avoid Injury!
Enjoy a new level of energy, health and fitness – safely and pain free.

Many NEW Patented Features Deliver “Explosive” Results:
 Strategically Placed “D” Rings throughout the Interior
 Exercise Bands to Attach Strategically to D Rings
 Stretching Bar(s)
 Handicap Ramp and Handles
 Dual Force Far Infrared Heating Elements throughout the FitBomb
 Uniform Heat Dispersion
 32″ or 15″ TV/DVD for playing training tapes and training groups of 3.
 Touchscreen Controls
 Optional Credit Card per use: PAS System
 Many fitness Videos for training…..
and much, much more

Enables Versatile Workouts – Relaxing or Intense Pilates, Yoga, Resistance, Stretch & Flex Workouts
Locations in which customers demand access to the FITBOMB:

• Hotels + Resorts
• Gyms, Yoga Studios
• Pilates Studio
• Boxing Studios
• Dance, Barre Studios
• Apartment Communities
• Medical Wellness Centers
• HOA + Condo Communities
• Military
• Professional Sports
• Cardiac Rehab Facilities
• Spinning Studios
• Corporate Wellness
• Health Clubs
• MMA Studios
• Sport Specific Training Studios
• Dance Studios
• Home Gyms
• Rehabilitation Facilities
• University Athletics
• Country Clubs
• Personal Training Studios
• University Rec Centers
• Cycling Studios
• Physical Therapy
• Government Agencies

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