provides this policy to prove our dedication to our customer’s privacy.

Privacy Policy in General Infrared Saunas

We sometimes collect some information about our customers and visitors in order to provide the best web site and services for their needs. This information is gathered only for use by and is never provided to any other person or company for any purpose – private or public. We promise to never sell, donate or list your information for any purpose. We never purchase information about potential customers from any source.


Most of the information that we collect on this web site is in the form of IP address tracking and pages that refer you to this web site to assist with maintenance schedules and site improvement. We do not match this data with any specific visitor information but simply use it as an anonymous source of information about site traffic during certain times of the day and week, which pages contain errors and how we an improve our advertising techniques.

Order Forms – Information Stored

In an effort to provide the most efficient and helpful customer service possible, we do store information from your order form in our private database. This helps your support representative consult a past order and assist with you any issues that you might have. At your request, this information can be removed from our database at any time.

Remove or Correct Information

Should you wish to have any information about your site visit or order form removed from our system, it is as simple as emailing us and detailing which information you would like removed. For other contact information or to verify that your information has been completely deleted, please refer to our Contact Us page.