The aging process is often misunderstood. When you say that a person is 50 years old, for example, you are applying a man made concept used to note the movement of matter through space. Without getting too technical, the only reason that you can estimate the age of a person is how you expect them to look based on conventional age to appearance expectations. So, will everyone that is 50 years old appear to be aging at the same rate? Of course not. One of the most influential factors on the appearance of a person is the amount of toxins in their body – or the amount of built up harmful chemicals that can reduce the appearance of skin over a long period of time and result in a dry, sagging appearance.

In order to reverse aging, your body must be cleaned of these toxins on a regular basis. This process does not just prevent further aging – but actually reverses the skin’s appearance to a more youthful look. Not everyone has the budget for expensive and harmful skin rejuvenation programs or plastic surgery – both of which may not work or only work for a limited amount of time. Today, there is a fun, safe and affordable alternative for those unhappy with their physical appearance and who want to make a change – infrared saunas provided by a leading health product company – Lux Saunas. Countless studies have found Lux Saunas to be the most effective and easiest solutions to the problem of aging.

Why Do We Age?

When most people concern themselves with aging, it is the external appearance with which they are concerned. However, did you know that infrared heat technology provided by Lux Saunas can not only address external aging issues – but actually reverse the internal aging process, with the potential to extend life and shed away years from your tissues and internal organs. One scientific consensus on the general approach to aging and death is that, your body is constantly suffering and repairing damage. This repair process, for a while at least, prevents this internal battle from manifesting on your skin. However, after an extended period of time – usually 75 to 90 years – you begin losing this battle as your body runs out of the necessary resources and begins to be outnumbered by damaged material and toxins.

Aging is expedited by the bombardment of toxins that we face during every day living in our environment. For example, toxins from car fumes, airborne pollutants, ash and dust are all constantly entering our lungs and seeping into our skin – often staying there and being stored in our fat cells as toxins. However, staying inside all day is not the solution – an activity much more harmful, in fact. Air is constantly recycled indoors and becomes much more polluted that the air outside as it stagnates. Other pollutants inside the home, especially if you smoke indoors, can enter your body and manifest as toxins harmful to your body – adding to other pollutants in the home like pet dander, cleaning chemicals, mold and mildew. All of these toxins are ever present and expedite the aging process – impossible to avoid.

Preserving Age the Natural Way

Creams and lotions can certainly help to moisturize your skin and promote a healthier exterior appearance – reversing the aging process. A healthy diet and exercise plan can also cut excess fat from the body as well as keep your heart and other internal organs healthy – prolonging life. However, once the fat has been removed and your skin has been rejuvenated, the underlying problem – toxins within your body – still exists and you can be sure that the same problems will emerge once again. Without removing these toxins, your outer appearance will continue to look tired and unhealthy as the toxins work to continually damage and degrade the cells that they neighbor.

How Lux Saunas Can Help With Preserving Age

However, there is a simple solution to the problem of toxins in your body – Lux Saunas. Lux Saunas far infrared sauna is not just another age defying fad like the pills and creams with which you have likely become accustomed. Instead, Lux Saunas is a tested and proven toxin removal solution that works to make any person look and feel younger and healthier. By using far infrared heat technology, Lux Saunas products effectively heat the fat under your skin – causing a heavy sweat the lifts toxins from beneath your skin and expels them naturally while you relax. Best of all, this heat also melts the fat and expels it as well in the same sweat. So, while you are removing toxins, you are also losing weight – sweating up to 4 lbs. and burning up to 600 calories in a single 30 minute session.

Many people confuse infrared rays with the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun – rays that can damage skin from prolonged exposure. Actually, infrared rays penetrate your exterior skin to reach up to 2 inches beneath and promote healthier skin and internal organs. Infrared heat is 100% safe and naturally occurring. Lux Saunas simply harnesses the power of infrared rays and concentrates them in your sauna for the maximum health benefits and skin preservation and restoration. When you perspire in an infrared sauna, toxins are quickly removed from your body along with fat. Only with infrared rays can the heat penetrate deep enough to perform this process. When you are done with your first session, you will immediately feel slimmer and healthier and will feel your skin tightening and becoming more natural in appearance.

Infrared heat testing in Japan was exploring the possibilities of infrared rays as an antidote to the negative effects often caused by toxic electromagnetic sources. However, these researchers found that infrared rays were entirely non toxic and non dangerous as an added discovery through their testing. Testing found that Lux Saunas, in particular, provided the maximum toxin removal possible – especially those toxins that expedited the appearance of aging.

We may not yet have the power to completely reverse the process of aging. However, Lux Saunas far infrared sauna is a safe and natural way to greatly slow down the continuing effects of aging and preserve a natural and graceful skin appearance – while making you feel healthier and better about your appearance.