Introducing the Patent Pending “FitBomb”
Far Infrared Sauna for Home Fitness

Experience Explosive Health & Fitness – Guaranteed!

Hi, Phillip Heath here with a very special surprise for most of you who are looking for an easy way to get fit and healthy; both physically and mentally. Despite the condition you’re in right now!

I want to reveal a secret tool that I’ve been using nearly every day for more than 6 years. It’s called a far infrared fitness sauna. You can see two of the newest and best models below;

Now this is a powerful and effective tool not to be taken lightly, and this new FitBomb has many new patent pending features that makes it even far more superior to all other similar products on the market. But there really is no comparison….

Here’s a short list of what it can do for you;
• It Helps you Lose weight
Detoxify – purge huge amounts of toxic sludge from your system
• Eliminate signs of aging; clear and tighten your skin so it glows like it was when you were 20-years younger
Clear your brain; think more clearly
• Burn 600 plus calories in just ½ hour – without lifting a finger
Build muscle; now you can work every muscle in your body – INSIDE THE UNIT
• Relax while stimulating a significant cardiovascular workout and much, much more…

And I’ve worked out a limited introductory special deal just for my friends. You can use your own FitBomb in the privacy of your home for a fraction of the regular price.

The company has very generously agreed to knock off more than 50% – an incredible $2,000 off its already discounted price. Remember to use this code: PH2K when you check out.


LuxSauna Closeouts

Time-Bomb - Infrared Sauna Kit

2-3 Person Infrared Sauna

“Time” FitBomb: Performance Guaranteed: the “Time” FitBomb will outperform any far infrared sauna on the planet. There is no comparison and the reviews support this guarantee. FitBomb uses Infrared heaters that are proven to be – by far the best heaters for humans; period – with minimal to zero EMF.

Limited Quanity

Atom - Infrared Home Sauna

2-3 Person Infrared Sauna
Infrared Suana | Home Sauna Kit

“Atom” FitBomb: If you have any interested in using an infrared sauna at all; now is the time and FitBomb is the answer! This FitBomb is a compact home sauna that measures 48” by 48”, so it will fit anywhere; power packed and ready to perform.

Explosive Blow-Out Special

NEW Infrared Saunas; has joined Phillip Heath for this HUGE BLOWOUT SPECIAL – Get the infrared sauna of your choice at WAY Below wholesale pricing… this will be the best opportunity to own a GORGEOUS, POWERFUL AND PROVEN FAR INFRRARED SAUNA- AT THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE…


21 patent pending features make FitBomb the best far infrared health and fitness sauna you should use every single day for the rest of your life.

FitBomb fitness saunas are not just awesome looking Far Infrared Saunas. Used frequently as a commercial sauna, it’s also perfect for use in your home. This convenience allows you daily access to the most powerful health and fitness tool available.

And FitBomb IS a COMPLETE HEALTH AND FITNESS TOOL that will last a lifetime.

You will thank yourself – especially since all you have to do is sit… ponder, relax, sweat, meditate or you can optionally put some energy behind a 5-10 minute resistance routine – you’ll be amazed at the results. 10-minutes you get results you could never achieve in a gym.

A portable sauna kit made of nontoxic, double panel walls that can be assembled so quickly and easily it’s shocking. Reinforced walls support strategically placed “D” rings throughout the interior of the sauna to enable passive or massive resistance training; guaranteed to develop muscles – also because FitBomb stimulates production of Heat Shock Protein and growth hormones (Hgh and IGf1) naturally.

It’s called the Ultimate Anti-Aging tool. Produce more mass… more muscle – every muscle in your body will respond – Stop 8-10% loss of muscle that occurs every decade after your 40th birthday.

The new Home health and Fitness machine of the 21st century; FitBomb is the new fitness sauna standard. This is the only sauna that heats 362% faster, producing 339% more sweat.

Warm up time is a brusque 10-minutes so you’re not waiting around a whole hour; like those old fashioned carbon panel heated, hot rock or steam saunas.

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Why our customers love us

Over 30,000 people have put their trust in Luxsauna.

sauna-fitness-2“Well, LuxSauna in house is kind of a lifesaver! Any time day or night, just turn in on, it increases your energy levels, It helps you calm down and relax, it soothes aching muscles. Other than air conditioner, the sauna is the next big thing! – Mark LittleJohn

sauna-fitness-3 “It is really a deep level of detox. Because the infra-red ray goes in and deeply activates all the organs, the liver and everything. My skin has got rosier and clearer and for so many reasons I felt so much better. It was very nice.  – Shanti Golds Cousens; Tree of Life

sauna-fitness-4What you told me about the infrared heat and excersing for just 5-minutes causing a sort of anabolic reaction seems to be – in all my amazement – True! –  Ken Wright


Just 5-10 Minutes a Day to
Experience Infrared in Home Sauna Benefits!

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