Partner With US – and Well Put a $10,000 “FitBomb” In Your Fitness Center… Absolutely FREE?

You read that right… If you quality we are willing to partner with you to put a top-of-the-line, $10k FitBomb in your fitness center for members to use – Absolutely FREE,

What’s more… we PAY YOU for the privilege; make up to $5,000 extra per month or more!

Are you willing to shake it up and produce extra members and profits fast?

If so, you may be the perfect fitness center that we can work with.

If you understand the turnaround power just one unique or timely idea can produce. Think Nautilus in the 70’s. Or better yet, the explosive growth of Curves in their early years. They had a few things in common: Unique, Simple, New and FIRST!

That is exactly what we have; a similar situation that could stimulate solid growth for your business assuming your ready for First.

We recently received Patent Approval of key innovations of our new Studio FitBomb line. These features add significant power to the marketing potential of any fitness center, but particularly one such as yours.

NEW MARKETS – Boost Profits:

More Women:

Women love and become addicted to the benefits derived from using a Studio FitBomb. A major reason is they can immediately see the results in the mirror after their very first session; their skin, tighter,   clean, clear and glowing, wrinkles diminished. Actually men get the same visuals but don’t discuss it.

Avoid Injury and Relieve Pain – Older Demographic:

As we age – our muscles shrink – Up to 8% each decade in a process called sarcopenia. This is where FitBomb comes in; forget the Gym… Too much pain, injury and expense…  FitBomb heats up muscles, tendons and cartilage to help Avoid Injury.

The pain relief results are so powerful the methods used by FitBomb are FDA approved. And the Therapy Benefits are unmatched.

Extreme Athletes:

Don’t forget those who want to take their fitness beyond the cool gym. Pre-heating for athletes is extremely powerful – the Olympic Training facility in Colorado Springs and Phillip Heath, 6-time Mr., Olympia knows this all too well. MMA and other martial artists gain a huge boost in flexibility and endurance as do others who know the Health AND Fitness benefits of heat/sweat and fitness.

These Benefits Go Much Deeper However;

  • Massive Boost in Hgh – Gf1 (Naturally)
  • You have a quick – FDA approved tool to ELIMINATE PAIN
  • You experience an unheard of number of powerful HEALTHY side effects
  • Heart saving cardio stimulation.
  • BURN 700 to as many as 1400 CALORIES in just one half hour session
  • Massive increase in your energy level (that lasts days)
  • Outstanding Mental Clarity – (BDNF) proven to Stimulate Regrowth of Brain Cells
  • Purge vial disease causing toxins – eliminate the major cause of inflammation and disease
  • Recover fast and eliminate risk of injury

The benefits are real. Well known athletes like Art Still – 4-time NFL pro bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs who at 61 years old attributes the use of the FitBomb to looking 40. Also Phillip Heath, 6-time Mr., Olympia uses his FitBomb twice a day.

Strategic Advantages:

“D” rings strategically installed throughout the reinforced walls ceiling and floors enable the user to exercise in unique and unlimited ways using bands. Our TV (live) feed technology with access to 100’s of fitness training videos attracts a vast and diverse number of new users.

Power Activation Systems (PAS) allows users to purchase activation cards that when swiped – activate the Fitbomb power for 60-minutes. This is WIFI driven and allows complete tracking of purchases, uses by unit, user, time/day etc.

Solo FitBombs in YOUR FACILITY – Free!

This is where FITT Systems Inc., would have interest in placing (one or more) $10,000 Solo FitBomb – equipped with the PAS in your facility FREE!

The Money Making Potential:

Proof of Concept: Google most any zip code and you’ll find several spas, fitness centers, even chiropractors who provide access to an infrared sauna For A Fee; typically $1.00 per minute; $30 per ½ hour.

We Place It – We Monitor it – We Help You Market It And We Split The Profit!

If you’re looking for ways to increase your bottom line – boost your memberships and help retain your existing client base… give us a call see if you quality. We enjoy working with businesses with at least 700 existing paying clients in a location with potential for growth.

Please evaluate the attached cut sheet of the larger Studio FitBomb – (measuring 9’ x 7’ and designed for 3-people to use simultaneously; hot yoga/palates/martial arts/anaerobic or aerobic training etc).

Our new “Solo” FitBomb is (77” long x 48” wide) and the only units equipped with the Power Activation Systems (PAS) which make this a verifiable, trackable money making machine.

Contact us now to see if you qualify

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