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North Dakota Saunas – Bismarck Far Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared Saunas offer many therapeutic values. The Japanese have used this technology for years and seen great health benefits. But if you are wondering why you should invest in your own North Dakota Saunas instead of simply enjoying the complimentary Sauna offered by your Gym, we give you the reasons:

Unlike a traditional sauna that works at 180 to 220 degree Fahrenheit temperature, the Bismarck Fat Infrared Saunas work at 90 to 120 degree Fahrenheit temperature only. However, the perspiration experienced in a far infrared sauna is much higher because it doesn’t just pull out the sweat; it goes 3 to 4 inches deep in to the skin and pushes out all sweat mixed with toxins. The infrared rays penetrate the body much deeper, as opposed to a traditional sauna, which makes you sweat twice more. Fat becomes soluble in water at 100 degrees, so the far infrared sauna is easily able to remove fat and toxins from the body, without actually overheating the air around you and making the sauna bath too uncomfortable.

Sometimes the last few pounds you cannot lose are simply toxic wastes, which your body holds on to because it is acidic. By installing your very own Bismarck Saunas, you can get rid of those last few pounds clinging to your body. Yes, that is right! The detoxification process of the Infrared Sauna is 3 times more effective than a regular sauna! Isn’t that reason enough to consider buying your own? Well, apart from that, these saunas are also great at boosting your metabolism, diminishing body pains, reducing cellulite and alleviating muscles and joint pains. If you have made up your mind to invest in a Far Infrared sauna, call the expert at Lux Sauna today! They will offer you a wide variety of Bismarck Saunas that will definitely appeal to your taste as well as your pocket.