Miracle Cure Healing of Infrared Saunas

One of the most important ways to promote a healthy and youthful body is to use the ancient practice of detoxification to your advantage. You might be amazed to find just how many toxins are present in our every day lives. There are ever present dangers that you cannot avoid. Once they have entered your body, they are very difficult to remove and can begin to build up over the years to become a serious problem. Until now, most people have been helpless in the battle against toxins and have had few options for metabolizing and eliminating these harmful toxins such as chemicals, acid, heavier metals and disease causing foreign material.

The main problem with older saunas is that most of the energy that they provide is lost on the surface of your skin – no more than a few millimeters deep. In order to remove toxins from your body, you must use a sauna that penetrates deep enough to reach your fat cells, where harmful toxins are stored. Only the infrared rays generated by Lux Saunas units can penetrate deep enough to reach these toxins and eliminate them through a heavy and productive sweat.

A minimum temperature of 104� F is required to begin melting fat and causing toxins and acids stored in the subcutaneous layer of your skin to drift towards the surface and be cleaned from your body in the form of sweat. This is the safest and most reliable way to remove these chemicals and Lux Saunas personal sauna provides this removal process in the form of far infrared saunas.

Lux Saunas for Weight Loss

There is another important sauna health benefit to using far infrared saunas to remove toxins. At the same time that toxins are being removed from your body, fat is being melted and expelled through sweat as well. While you feel better because of toxin removal, you will also be burning as many as 600 calories for each half hour session in a Lux Saunas infrared sauna kits. Compare this rate of caloric expenditure to many other activities to find the real benefits of infrared saunas over other forms of conventional exercise. Many Americans spend their days consuming a toxin heavy diet that is acid rich and results in the storing of many harmful chemicals – mostly in the form of preservatives.

One of the ways that your body provides protection against internal organ damage is to store acids in fat deposits so that there is more space between your exterior skin and the sensitive organs within your body. No matter how many calories you cut from your diet, you may find it very difficult to overcome your body’s natural defense mechanism and remove unsightly body fat. Only after these acids have been removed in the form of sweat can the fat also begin to seep through your skin and your fat stores eliminated. Toxins are a form of acid that can be removed through the use of an infrared sauna and result in a predictable rate of weight loss for those people storing excessive fat. Only after these toxins have been removed from your body will your body then decide it to be appropriate to allow fat to be removed naturally. There is no better and faster way to perform this process than through heat and heavy sweating caused by Infrared Saunas.

Lux Saunas Far Infrared Sauna

Some studies have found that more than 95% of disease is a result of a lack of oxygen. In fact, cancer thrives in an environment lacking oxygen. This may not be a noticeable lack of oxygen as far as breathing is concerned – but it exists. In 1923, Dr. Otto Warburg – a noted German biochemist – made the discovery that disease was prevalent in environments where a lack of oxygen was present. This discovery was so substantial that, in 1931, Dr. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his studies. Despite this discovery, many doctors continue to ignore this fact and prescribe drugs that add more toxins to your body to disguise symptoms and avoid the true root cause of your condition.

Although many people have already discovered the true cause of disease, they are helpless in fighting the disease without the assistance of a doctor. However, Infrared Saunas can eliminate harmful toxins from your body and not only prevent disease, but completely eliminate disease causing materials from your body. Why aren’t doctors turning more to such treatments instead of prescribing more toxins? Well, in simple terms, hiding a disease makes more money than curing it. Lux Saunas focuses on providing an entire health package in a single unit to promote a healthier America. When you use an infrared sauna, you are making your whole body healthier.

Consider how many cans of sugary soda you drink per day. Did you know that 10 glasses of 10.4 ph alkaline water to offset the effects of a single can of Coca Cola?