The use of Detroit Far Infrared Saunas

Physical therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, muscle therapy and other such similar therapies combine Detroit Far Infrared Saunas for quicker and effective results. Some of the illness where Michigan saunas are prescribed by professional health care personnel, therapists and doctors are:

Arthritis – This is a form of joint disorder. Though there are over 100 different types of arthritis, some like Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are chronic as it causes destruction of articular cartilage and stiffness of the joints. It requires long-term management.

Fibromyalgia or FM or FMS – This is a chronic medical disorder either musculoskeletal or neuropsychiatric in nature. It causes Allodynia and abnormalities in the central nervous system and could even result in damage to brain regions.

Back pain – This is a pain that originates in the spine and could spread to arms, hands, legs and feet. It is a generally frequent complaint. It could be acute, sub acute or chronic depending on what causes the pain.

Anorexia nervosa– An eating disorder which is also referred to as simply anorexia or AN. People with anorexia eat very little or starve owing to fear of gaining weight. This could lead to major complications in human body.

Ankylosing spondylitis – A chronic autoimmune disease which is also called as AS or Bekhterev’s disease. It is one of the types of spondyloarthritis and could result in fusion of the spine.

Bronchitis – This could be an acute or chronic disease based on the level of inflammation caused by mucous membranes.

Eczema – This is an allergic reaction that results in inflammation of the skin’s outer most layers for which there is no known cure. Only the inflammation can be reduced.

Thus, the Detroit Saunas are a boon as it helps cure many diseases and illnesses.