One of the most frequent questions that potential customers ask is how Lux Saunas products can aid in reducing cellulite. As you might have already learned, far infrared rays penetrate deep into your body to draw out toxins while melting fat deep into the subcutaneous level of your skin. This penetration produces a much heavier sweat than other saunas like hot rocks saunas, steam saunas and exercise. The perfect combination of both carbon and ceramic heaters in our far infrared saunas produce enough heat (104F) to melt this fat and draw out toxins that the fat filters from your system. As cellulite is indeed excess amounts of fat under your skin, this fat is eliminated over time and the appearance of cellulite is reduced

There are many causes of cellulite – many that can be addressed through the power of far infrared rays. Such causes include:

Inadequate amount of exercise

Smoking cigarettes

Poor blood circulation

Alcohol abuse

Genetic factors

Poor eating habits

Heavy metals like lead, mercury, lead and nickel







How Lux Saunas Far Infrared Sauna Helps With Cellulite Removal

Sending only 30 minutes in an infrared sauna by Lux Saunas home sauna gives you the same results as sending an hour intensely exercising. As your blood circulation improves, nutrients can be quickly delivered to your entire body while sweating removes the toxins that are kneeing your cellulite there in the first lace. As your body notices that you do not need the extra fat to filter out toxins, it will be much more receptive to allowing it to leave through your sweat and other activity. LuxSaunas sauna kits infrared rays have been shown to remove 20% more toxins from your body than any other type of far infrared saunas. In fact, traditional hot rocks or steam saunas produce a sweat that is comprised of only 3% toxins. The sweat released in Lux Saunas sauna kits units is: 15% to 20% 80% to 85% Hundreds of our former customers have reported that their cellulite was reduced quickly and efficiently after only a few sessions. With all the money you will save on creams and other alternative remedies, you can save thousands of dollars by simply investing in a Lux Saunas portable infrared sauna. Lux Saunas far infrared saunas products work even more efficiently when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program as the reduced toxins allow your body to work efficiently and heal itself. You will experience enhanced energy that will make you want to get off the couch – and not dread it.