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Review LuxSauna testimonials expressions from 100’s of customers whom achieve dramatic health and fitness goals after using Luxsauna brand saunas, very positive reviews. Each LuxSauna Testimonial exposes unique individual experiences for this powerful home infrared sauna.

LuxSauna Testimonial  – Guess what? I LOVE MY SAUNA

Quite frankly, after Dave answered my questions about certain assembly parts, it only took 30 minutes to assemble . . . Actually, getting it out of the boxes and into the house, probably took the longest amount of time. Yes, it does look like a piece of furniture – the craftsmanship is excellent and it fits perfectly in my home office. I’ve used it 4 times since delivery and it is the most relaxing part of my day. Moreover, I am a physical fitness buff and have had a bum shoulder for the last few years from lifting weights – the relief I get during and after a sauna session is amazing..

– Steven Melikean

LuxSauna Testimonials – Thanks…

I just wanted to thank you for your response concerning the issue we were having with our new LuxSauna…..I was concerned that because I had purchased the sauna over the internet that I may have problems with warranty issues…..This was not the case, David did a wonderfully job of explaining to my husband what needed to be done to correct the problem we were having….. We love the Sauna and I am highly recommending your company to all my friends….

– Nancy Allen

LuxSaunaTestimonials – Thanks LuxSauna, I’m pain free!

I’ve seen what arthritis can do to rob me of a normal life. I’ve felt the pain and stiffness that goes with it. After regular use of my LuxSauna infrared sauna, I’m a healthier person! My range of motion is greatly improved and when I move my neck, it is pain free. Thanks for helping me to beat the odds.

C. Alcantaras, Paris, TX

LuxSauna Testimonials – My MS is the best it’s been in 10 years!

I was diagnosed with MS in 1988. By 1998, my neurologists told me I had entered ‘secondary progression’ which is the final, and often times fatal, stage of this disease.

Today, eight months later, I feel I have regained 75% – 80% of my ability to live life. I feel and act better than I have in over 10 years.

– S. Dickinson, Ft. Daytona Beach, FL

Fibromyalgia under control!

“Who would [have] thought of buying a sauna in Florida! When Rene came down with Fibromyalgia we went through scores of treatment with little or no effect until we talked to a naturopath doctor from Clearwater. He suggested we try a LuxSauna to see if there were some toxicity issues. Sure enough, he had hit the magic button. Although Fibromyalgia does not appear to ever go away, Rene’s “cycles” are shorter lived and much milder and best of all getting better all the time. For anyone with Fibromyalgia, we would recommend starting out slow in your sauna and be prepared to feel worse before you will feel better. Hang in there, there is hope!”

– Pat and Rene Harris, Miami, FL

LuxSauna Testimonials -Prescription free!

Today I am prescription free of Prozac, Flexeril for muscle spasms, amitriptilyne for severe depression, and Vicodin ES for pain (that I had been on for over 3 years).

B. Miller, Knoxville, TN

LuxSauna Testimonials -I’ve been rebuilt!

I realized that my health had been stolen from me, and I am now taking it back! Thank you.

– D. Boonse, Tulsa, OK

No stomach ache in ages!

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from severe stomach problems. My stomach was hurting on a daily basis. I would get extremely bloated to the point of my clothes not fitting.

Every doctor would give me a new name for this ‘illness.’ The diagnoses ranged from Spastic Colon to Hiatal Hernia to Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Then my wife purchased a LuxSauna. I have not had a stomach ache in ages and I am completely off all drugs!

– D. Stanners, Los Angeles, CA

LuxSauna Testimonials – My doctor said, “You have the blood pressure of a child!”

I have had problems with my high blood pressure for over 21 years. When I went to the doctor [after using one of your spa saunas] and he checked my pressure, he said to me, ‘You’re going to live a long time, you have the pressure of a child.’ He did not rewrite my prescription, for I no longer needed it.

– L. Anderson, Colorado Springs, CO

LuxSauna Testimonials – It Worked!

I am thrilled with the LuxSauna!!! Jesse was great…so helpful, so kind, informative and patient. A real asset to your company. I just got out of a 25 minute sauna session and it worked! Meaning…that I actually sweated. I’ve always had a difficult time sweating with any activity; e.g. running, weight lifting, etc. Within 15 minutes, I was dripping with sweat. I had hoped to stay in for 30 minutes but could only handle 25 — felt like that was all that I needed [the] first time around. I feel refreshed and ready to exercise or stretch after being out of the sauna for 10 min. I am a satisfied customer. Will keep you posted as to the subtle and not so subtle changes that I experience over this next month of LuxSauna use. Thank You,

– Barbie Broussard

Our best investment!

Thank you — just thought to let you know, we installed last night and it works EXCELLENT! The installation was so simple and easy. It only took about 45 minutes. We can’t wait to try it out, and it heats so evenly and well. We love it. Thanks again,

– Lonnie & Brad Bear

The sauna has helped tremendously!

Here’s the payment on the sauna we purchased in May. We hope to pay off the balance soon since you have been so kind as to let us pay it out. Thank you so much for all you’ve done! The sauna has helped me tremendously, which is a huge blessing. Our whole family is enjoying it. I hope to begin renting it out to others sometime this summer. I will want to talk to you then about all the details. Thank you again & may God abundantly bless your business! Sincerely,

– Melissa Ramig, Denver, CO PS: It looks like a piece of furniture.

After 30 Minutes I Felt Like a New Person!

I wanted to write and thank you for creating such a fantastic sauna. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying mine since the first evening it was installed. Couldn’t wait to get inside and give it a whirl. Within seconds I was completely relaxed and after 30 minutes I felt like a new person. Afterwards my skin always feels great and my cheeks are rosy. I must say I’ve tried other indoor saunas in the past but none are like the infrared.

– Rene Marrielli, TX

Exceeded Advertised Promise!

Just a note to you that the sauna you sent has exceeded advertised promise. Took a while to finish my basement rooms, but I am truly impressed with the product. While I am in good health with no acute problems, I have noticed the health benefits of sauna use in just one week, a notch up in my well-being. I start out every day with a 45 minute session @ 135. Great sweat. As for the product itself, great design, great construction, and easy as pie to assemble.

– Regards-John Hoffman

“WOW, in just a few days your skin tone changes!”

As I mentioned, we received our sauna, put it together and was delighted at it’s beauty and the ease putting it together. We absolutely love it. Speaking of smooth skin…. WOW, in just a few days your skin tone changes. Look forward to hearing from you…

– Ric

“!Rippage in my Abs!”

Hello to All,
I am writing this sauna testimonial to let everyone know what my personal experience with LuxSauna has done for me. I first learned about LuxSauna when I was looking for a traditional sauna to install in my fitness facility for women. I thought that a sauna would be a great addition to the gym. As I was searching for saunas I came across the “Infrared” saunas and started to read up on them. I have to say that I was very skeptical at first. I know first hand that it is quite a task to get people that are deconditioned to workout, and hearing that you could lose over 600 calories in just half an hour from just sitting there was music to my ears. In addition, I was very impressed to hear all about the other benefits that come along with the “Infrared saunas” and was quite impressed. I had to get something to fill in my addition to my gym.. After trying it out on myself, I figured it was time to let the clients in on the fun. I really wanted to see their reactions as to what they think about it. Since it’s an all women’s gym, I had to go with mostly women’s testimonials, but I allow men in and the reactions are very similar. The one thing that most of the women rave about is how soft and clean their skin is after using the sauna.


Each person seems to talk about how their personal experience has improved the way they physically feel in one way or another.


I’ll tell you a little story of a lady that came in with very bad osteo arthritis. I saw that LuxSauna said that arthritis pain is relieved from use of the saunas, but I don’t have it and I can’t personally tell you what it does for you, but I had this lady that I figured I could send in the sauna and let me know what her response was to it. She had one hand that was nearly closed from the crippling arthritis she had, so I told her to go into the sauna and hold her hand right up to the heater and see what it did for it. Well, when she came out, she was opening and closing her hand completely and was in complete awe of what it did for her. She told me that it was the first time in 5 years she could actually make a fist. Now I was very impressed to say the least…


I thought that this was proof positive that the “Infrared” heat really penetrates and does a good job in loosening up joints and increases elasticity. Now to give you my own personal response to how it improved my own well being, I can say that it has helped me with stress relief, weight-loss, and I love the refreshing feeling you get when you come out of the sauna. I lost over 7 pounds in a relatively short time. I didn’t change my diet or my workout habits, but still lost 7 pounds in about 2 weeks of using my saunas. It’s also the first time I can start to see some rippage in my abs!!! I think I’ll have to use it a lot more when I compete in bodybuilding to give me an edge in weight-loss over the other competitors.


I have to say that the craftsmanship of the saunas is very professional and well built. I helped construct the 2-person model I have in about 16 minutes. Thanks

– David Collins – American Gym Dayton OH