luxSauna Testimonials – Sarah Bates

“LuxSauna is very healing to the skin”!

“It’s very comfortable. I have done a lot of traditional saunas and sometimes the extremes of both hot and cold has its own excitement. But the luxsauna is a much more gentle piece for meditative kind of experience. And that’s something I really appreciate about it. Compared to traditional sauna, LuxSauna seems to go deeper like feeling the warmth and it’s very gentle and comforting. It’s very healing to the skin. The skin pores open up, I feel like the skin gets the warmth, the cleansing and just glows afterwards. It’s very peaceful and very comforting. You can just go in the sauna and meditate; it gives a very calming energy. I could say this is being a part of my regular life. I would certainly try being getting into luxsauna several times every week and that would be really awesome – luxSauna Testimonials – Sarah Bates.

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