LuxSauna Testimonial – Reenie Hipocrates

“LuxSauna is now used exclusively at Hippocrates”!

LuxSauna Testimonial – Reenie Hipocrates: “We believe that saunas are an extremely important way to increase all the benefits that we do. We had tried different kinds of saunas; we have a couple which are here for last 10 years. We are trying to find something that is easier to use, something that is more appropriate to be inside the homes. We have a lot of private homes here and these saunas fit nicely into the living room areas and accommodate two people at once. It is easy to evaporate and that’s the biggest thing we have found in this sauna, because many other saunas which come from other countries are not combatable with our electricity. Most everyone experiences weight loss. You need to get weight loss still with some body tone and with some healthy conditions, and sauna helps to enforce that.

Infra-red saunas work more internally than externally, consequently you get results much quicker. Old fashioned saunas where you have to sit and get so incredibly hot. And I have seen many people not able to breath with old fashioned saunas. Especially people having asthma and other respiratory troubles found it so hard to use the old fashioned saunas. These you won’t feel that, this is like nothing, this is just like you are sitting in a room which gets warm internally, so the result is quicker and more efficient. It decreases pain, improves blood circulation. Blood flow is what decreases pain, lethargy everything is determined by how our blood is flowing. Luxsauna is an excellent way to get rid of stress. First of all you are dedicating 30 minutes of time to solitude into yourself and sitting in a sauna and meditating and relaxing and allowing the sauna to do what it can do for you and also clearing your mind is an excellent way to relax at the end of the day.

The thing that surprises me the most about luxsauna is that it is easy and completely effortless to install it in our homes. Each sauna was installed within two hours by unprofessional, they have been easy to operate by all our guests, and these have been maintenance free for me” – LuxSauna Testimonial – Reenie Brewer.