LuxSauna Testimonial – Peppo

“LuxSauna helped me with my fast, made me feel great”!

LuxSauna Testimonial – Peppo – “I use LuxSauna every day and if I don’t use it any of the days, I can definitely feel the difference. I was puzzled at it, and I didn’t think that it would make so much difference and so I started doing it every day without fail for 20 to 25 minutes.

It gives me more energy and makes a big difference because I feel really great each day. The only day I felt tired was the day when I did not do it .I generally put on weight very high and now sauna helped me to reduce my weight. After using sauna It kept my energy very even, I didn’t get tired, I didn’t feel dizziness, it keeps me warm and detox me each day. It’s really nice in the morning to get little warm, so I just go into the sauna and then I take a shower and I just feel really great in the morning. I think I should actually get one for my office, and from what I know, the infra-red sauna really helps in eliminating toxins, so I think it’s really going to be helpful for people. It is really amazing because it gives me comforting and energizing support” – LuxSauna Testimonial – Molly Peppo.

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