LuxSauna Testimonial- Dr. Gabriel Cousens

“LuxSauna is a highest grade at best price”

LuxSauna Testimonial- Dr. Gabriel Cousens – the famous MD that has personally changed lives – giving his knowledge and personal attention to help people who in some cases have nowhere else to go:

“A lot of people come with mental, physical, and emotional toxicities. We like LuxSauna for two particular reasons, it is a highest grade at best price, and we also encourage people to buy these when they go home. So that they can continue undergoing the detoxification program because we always accumulate toxins in our body, in the food we eat, the water we drink, and air we breathe is all full of toxins, and this is the continuous way to undo this.

Toxins also affect mind and the emotions. People come here and undergo this program, so that there is often a little bit of emotional release, a little mental release, people get spiritual joy , its all because we are releasing toxins.

Toxins slow down mental functioning they disrupt mental functioning they weaken your body in many ways. So if you want optimal functioning you have to get toxins out of your body. Toxins are real things, they are not metaphors, and they affect brain function, bowel function, every single organ in the system. So if you can clear the load, you are made to be healthy. It lessens stress in the immune system, liver and neurological system. The key difference between infrared and the steam sauna is, the infra-red doesn’t need a lot of heat to release the toxins, you need only 100 degrees, that’s it! And that’s pretty safe and comfortable. The key principle is that, it creates a resonance with the cells and increases the energy to release these toxins. For some people who have high blood pressure cannot use steam sauna but they can use infrared sauna because you can keep the temperature low. This is the safest and easiest way to get maximal release of the toxins.

“This is the high level workmanship at the best price and this is the best quality for the best price. This keeps you young and strong and that’s why we recommend it.” The difference between simply sweating and the infra red is significant, the main mechanism of infrared sauna is, it is five times faster in getting the toxins out. The main mechanism to release the toxins is, it builds the cell resonance and throws the toxins out of the body. When the cells weaken, the infrared activates the cells, creates the cell resonance and throws the toxins off. Now, sweating is the secondary mechanism in infrared, just as in other saunas, sweating will help in getting out the toxins. But, about one fifth is well as when you have the resonance which detoxifies the system” – LuxSauna Testimonial- Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

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