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NOT using an infrared sauna by LuxSauna will cost you!

Is there any end to all this bad news?

Now, at last, there is.  Because now, Dr Sherry Rogers one of alternative medicine’s true pioneers has proven that you can quickly reverse a lifetime of suffering caused by these poisons.

Here’s just a Few More Quotes by Dr Sherry Rogers

‘What is the best way to get rid of toxic chemicals including pesticides, heavy metals and hydrocarbon residues? The Far Infrared Sauna”.

‘Thanks to improved technology, the far infrared LuxSauna is now safe and infinitely more tolerable, because it uses a heat energy that penetrates tissues, triggering mobilization, of chemicals and toxins from subcutaneous, (under the skin), fat storage, directly into the sweat.”

‘Continue with daily use and over weeks and months chemicals that are stored in other organs slowly and safely circulate throughout the body and eventually empty into subcutaneous fat”.

‘We bring aging and illness to a screeching halt”!

‘Better yet, we can turn back the hands of time by booting those nasty disease-causing chemicals out of the body. Sweat out the poisons is the answer, but not any old sauna or sweating program will do, in fact some are dangerous”.
That’s why you need to try something different!
Here’s How You Get Back Your Youthful Vigor And Health Starting Today…
Anecdotal evidence suggests Just a Few of the Breakthrough Benefits from using a LuxSauna:

Weight loss – 10 pounds within 10-days. You’ll even notice your ring finger is thinner, thighs smaller, cellulite starts to disappear and facially less bags under your eyes and more youthful, thinning chin!

Astounding mental clarity – Imagine feeling that mental edge, smarter and far more energetic than you have ever been in years. Everything in life starts here!

Beautiful appearance – your skin looks tighter and years younger… within just a few days! Like getting free facials every single day, watch wrinkles, age spots and acne disappear almost overnight!

Cardiovascular workouts – every day while sitting, reading or listening to the stereo… compare it to riding a bike for a half hour – without lifting a fingerup to 600 calories in a ½ hour… why join a gym?

Detoxify – fast and efficiently. That’s why I call the book ‘Painless Detox”. Typical detoxifying procedures usually cause a significant amount of pain. Using the LuxSauna DOES NOT… eliminating toxins is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for our health, longevity and appearance.

Relaxation – how often do we really get the chance to contemplate, meditate or just productively daydream? This is the ULTIMATE stress reliever… an opportunity to get a significant education, read a book, and learn a language.

Plus, lots more.

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