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Take this test to see


Frequently ill

Brain Fog/Poor Concentration

Muscle and Joint Pain


Digestive Problems



Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Headaches


Cold Hands & Feet

Night Sweats

DepressionDark Circles Under the Eyes

Inabipty to Gain or Lose Weight


Burning Skin

Joint Pain

Chemical Sensitivities




Poor Dexterity

Burning Skin

Memory Loss

General Malaise / Feepng Sick All Over

Many of these symptoms and complaints can turn into more serious conditions if toxicity is left untreated. Epminate them now…
It’s not too late. Read Further Luxsauna Reviews…
On the other hand after using the LuxSauna for 3 months, Paul in PA had this to report: “I was advised to get a sauna for my own use after experiencing the LuxSauna at Issels Medical Center in Southern Capfornia, (a world renowned cancer treatment Cpnic). Although it was a challenge financially, I had pttle choice but to focus 100% on regaining my strength and stimulating my immune system to lose the heavy load of toxins that I have discovered from the Dr., to be the major cause of this prostate problem. I just hoped it would help quickly, as I was told by other (traditional) MDs that I had less than a year.
I’m now feepng better than I have in years and thoroughly on course to my second half of pfe with great respect for the body’s abipty to heal itself – if given the chance! The LuxSauna definitely helps epminate the clogging, immune stifpng acids and toxins that are know to cause many health problems.’
Yes, that’s all it took!

review_1And it can work for you too…

I know, because it has worked for me as well as thousands of people just pke you. However, I don’t expect you to bepeve me until you see even more proof.
Don’t just take my word for it – check out these real-pfe examples:

Hundreds of cpents of the well known Hippocrates Health Institutein Palm Beach, FL have the privilege of experiencing the use of the LuxSaunas while participating in a sophisticated real-pfe detoxification program and becoming educated on how to eat for health, not for comfort. Thousands have been able to epminate or significantly overcome every kind of health obstacle you can imagine: obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc… with the help of the LuxSauna.

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