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The Use of Far Infrared Treatments

Bottom line, I resolved my own problem thanks to Detoxifying, drinking a ton of alkaline water and (mostly) using the infrared sauna. And just as quickly turned my physical and mental health around a full 180 degrees. I felt, and still feel amazing. My energy level, attitude and focus are performing consistently at a peak performance level I which I’m convinced I’ve NEVER REALLY EXPERIENCED before.

Everything works better and I like it; thinking clearer, better and faster. And my skin is smooth and clear. Even my hair is thicker and believe it or not, no longer thinning and not turning gray as fast as it should nearly 14 years later. Hard to measure, but I actually think it’s turning back to it’s original color. I recently went to my 30-year high school reunion and expressed amazement, saying I looked 30… I really liked that part. I’m sure they were just being kind. But I have to say; it was the incentive I needed to write this letter…

To Let Everyone Know This Simple Yet Amazing Secret I Have Discovered For Myself … and the joy of sharing benefits with others

We are 20 – 50 years behind the rest of the world in the use of Far Infrared treatments.
Elsewhere, they are using far infrared to treat…

Arthritis Muscle spasms Muscle tension Asthma
Tight shoulders Muscle Pain Lower Back Pain Fractures
Shoulder Pain Adhesions Spinal Cord Shock Bursitis
Hepatitis Brain Contusions Chrons Disease Ulcers
Whiplash Stiffness Menopause Rheumatism
Acne Sore Throats Poor Circulation Cirrhosis
Nerves Stretch Marks Stomach Ache Varicose Veins
Menstruation Ear Problems Insomnia Pain Relief
Blood flow Paralysis Diarrhea Burns
Cancer Gout Tissue Damage Memory
Clogged pores Skin Tone Scars Sunburn

Think about the questions that would and should be going through your own mind. “Just how many toxins are in my body? How many of these toxins can I sweat out? What can I do to keep those toxins out of my body?”

Think about the repercussions if you eliminated… all chemicals, all prescriptions – something as simple as deep induced sweat could do such an amazing job of cleaning me up.
See if this sounds familiar?
You’re best friend comes down with (what the doctors say is) an incurable disease. They treat it with the typical drug or chemotherapy procedures. They may or may not make it, but the process seems worse than the (supposed) cure. Your share many things in common, age, diet and maybe exercise routines, so you get concerned.
And you should be…
After a few tests you discover something not quite right. It happens to millions, but why me you say. You start to question, the wisdom of pursuing the exact same ineffectual path. But where do you go, what should you do? Who has the “Correct” answers? You start thinking about what you know you should have done, or should NOT have done in the past.

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