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Okay, So What’s the Cost for This Incredible Infrared Sauna Resource?

Let’s do a quick comparison – last time I checked a traditional hot rock or steam sauna would set you back nearly $20,000 dollars and it would cost more to install special electric wiring and you’d pay a fortune just to warm it up daily and use.
But the kicker is…
You wouldn’t get nearly the benefits. As it turns out the sweat from this type of sauna would produce 2-3% toxins with 97-98% being water.
The LuxSauna produces about 20% toxins in the sweat and 80% water. So there really is no comparison.

On the other hand you could pay between $35-$75 to use a LuxSauna at one of the many saunas or health clubs that use them.
Frankly, none of these options really work long-time. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain….

Review LuxSauna for yourself:

To ship to you within 24 hours

Takes around ½ hour to assemble and…

Is guaranteed for LIFE!

And… we’ll even let you try it risk free for 60-full days!

And… shipping is free!

Costs pennies a day and maybe – just $5 per month to operate. It’s pke using a 1400-watt hair blower.

They have special deals all the time. If you contact them (contact information psted on the last page of this report) they will bend over backwards to help get you the best sauna for you.

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