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How Does The LuxSauna Far Infrared Sauna Produce Such Amazing Results?

Good question…

Here’s the secret to what many call, the most amazing health product of the 21st century, the “fountain of Youth” and the most complete, convenient health sauna, best investment anyone can own in their own home. Review Luxsauna soon!

What’s the secret? It’s in the science behind the LuxSauna far infrared heater technology. Researchers, including NASA back in the 1980’s discovered a way to duplicate the energy of the sun and match it to the energy emitted by the human body. If you think about it, we are just energetic beings.

review_7The energy from a Far Infrared Sauna is on the same microban level, (a bar representing the measurement of the suns energy) as the beneficial energy of the sun – in the far infrared range between 5-15 microns. Matching that of the human body. So this heat penetrates virtually the human body at the speed of light because there is zero resistance. Far Infrared heat penetrates far deeper than a traditional hot rock or steam sauna and deep enough and HOT enough (even at only 110°) to melt deep embedded fat at 104°.

As it turns out, the body’s own intelligent protective mechanism stores toxins and acids in deep fat to protect vital organs, veins and arteries. If your’ veins become too acidic,  (toxins ARE acidic), you’ll experience dis-ease, more specifically cholesterol buildup as a protective measure. Or worse, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, fibromyalgia and pretty much any other ailment you can think of.

When the far infrared heat from the LuxSauna penetrates, it melts the fat, shaking lose the acids and allowing them to be expelled, both through sweat and through normal channels; liver, kidneys, lymph system etc… the rapid and profuse sweating frees up the body to then do it’s miraculous job of healing in ALL areas; more youthful appearance is the first observation you’ll have. Clean, clear acne free skin, tighter with less scars, wrinkles etc…

Obviously when you sweat you’ll lose weight

Actually it takes 0568 kcals to burn one ounce of sweat. So you’re burning calories with ever single ounce of seat. Regaining water weight, however when you drink (much) nutrified water, but you’ll not regain the calories and thus burn fat in addition to melting and sweating out fat. And… eventually when your body realizes there’s no acids to store, you notice the ability to eliminate even more fat… there’s no longer the need to retain it for it’s own protection.

A secondary benefit to sweating is to drink nearly a gallon of nutrified water. We recommend you drink clean, (not tap water) and add various essential nutrients, (which we tell you about). These nutrients are alkaline and will in combination with lots of water while sweating and stimulating a cardiovascular workout – cause you to become healthy faster than you ever imagined possible.

It’s like taking a shower from the inside out!

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