Luxsauna Reviews Handicap Fitness

Luckily I discovered Lux sauna Reviews handicap fitness Far infrared saunas when I most needed it. It saved my life. And it could save yours. Worst case, it will take years off your appearance and make you feel and look better than ever before.

I was diagnosed with COPD (emphysema) some years ago. Otherwise being the health fanatic I was known to be, this made no sense. But there it was, the x-ray in front of me told the story. My lungs were massively enlarged. My breathing test revealed lungs of a 68-year-old man with emphysema. As you can imagine, slightly stressed out at a mere 39 years old, I spent the next couple of months in the library, devouring everything in relation to lung disease.

What a waste of time! I quickly changed direction and ended up in the health nutrition category. There I devoured hundreds of books on health, nutrition and finally found the answers in some new books on detoxifying.

‘I used to hesitate to recommend something that seemed so expensive, but when you realize the lifelong incapacity and expense of diseases such as heart disease, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndromes, migraines, Alzheimer’s, or any others caused by chemical and metal toxicity, a sauna is cheap.”
-Total Wellness, Dr S.A. Rogers,M.D.

 Luxsauna Reviews Handicap Fitness

Here’s what REALLY works!

I immediately took the advice offered in these books, finding and using a (rare at that time) infrared sauna and drinking lots of alkaline, nutrient rich water. Healthy eating and exercise were already a solid habit which made this illness all the more peculiar.

Luxsauna Reviews handicap fitnessI used the infrared sauna daily for 40-minutes. I experienced a torrential sweat pouring out of my (unknown to me) toxic body, noticed brown spots (toxins)on my previously white towels. An amazing energetic feeling emerged, clean blood flowing to and renewing my skin and the fat just melting out of my body made me feel like and look like a new man.
After 30 days I returned to the same doctor who so smugly gave me the initial blow. Took the breathing test again. ‘Wow!’ he exclaimed: ‘Can’t imagine what went wrong. I mean this machine cost us over $10 million dollars. It’s never screwed up like this. Last time you were here you had COPD symptoms and your lungs showed 58% breathing capacity. Today your lungs are those of a 25-year-old tri-athlete with 125% capacity! Maybe we should get some more x-rays,’ he said. ‘No thanks’, I replied.

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