LUXSAUNA PARTS: For quickest service, let us know the approximate date of purchase – please take pics of the part(s) and of the sauna and send to sales @localhost for a quote.

Luxsauna parts examples.

Luxsauna parts pictured below are samples produced since 2002, dozens of control panels.

This is a small partial list of controllers. To match your Luxsauna parts exactly, take pictures of your controller, the sauna itself, and send to sales @ luxsauna along with the date of purchase.


Some examples pictured below:

Luxsauna parts: Controller for 2016 FitBombLuxsauna parts: Controller for 2011-14 luxsaunaLuxsauna parts: Controller for 2008-12 LuxSpaLuxsauna parts: Controller for 2008-12 LuxsaunaLuxsauna parts: Controller for 2010-14Luxsauna parts: Controller for 2007-14 Luxsauna


Power Supplies/circuit boards: