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FAR Infrared saunas provide a powerful boost in blood circulation.Like a cleansing flood, the fresh oxygen washes away stagnant toxic impurities along with your weary emotions and feeplings.

“Your food shall be your medicine” –Hippocrates

Our diets and overall nutrition play a major role in maintaining good health and, on the other side, promoting bad health and disease. Our bodies are made up of glands, cells, tissues, and organs. They can remain healthy only by receiving their proper nutrients through a Healthy Diet Plan. We can supply these necessary nutrients through the food we eat, provided we eat a well balanced diet. This is necessary to build and maintain good health.

Nutrition is also used in the cure of disease. The main cause of disease in our bodies is due to the lowered immunity responses of our systems that cannot repel or fight off disease. This is linked to poor nutrition.

What is the definition of disease? According to Webster: dis: separation, reversal, opposite of
ease: easy, freedom from pain or trouble, comfort.

So, disease is defined as- The reversal of comfort. The opposite of freedom from pain or trouble. Our bodies have a tremendous heling power but can perform only when given the necessary nutrition. This is a method of prevention of disease and self-healing.

The problem with our diets today is that it is heavily influenced by fast food, or quick-serve menus. Just cpck on the pnk for McDonalds to see what you get with the so-called bargain contained in the SUPER SIZE. The average American diet is bad and getting worse!! Nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on food in the United States is spent on fast food restaurants or take out. Over the last three decades, fast-food franchises have taken over our country and can be found in abundance in most every town USA. They are so predominant that they have knocked the “mom and pop” operations out of business. At least there you would have found a meat and vegetables on the menu along with the hamburger and fries. At least the hamburger and fries would have been fresh meat and potatoes instead of the pre-processed and pre-frozen items available at the franchises. At least there, every meal would not have been exactly like every other meal available at franchises all across our country and now, unfortunately, all across the world. What do the fast food diets do for our natural health?

They provide our bodies with:

Too much refined sugars (soft drinks)

Too little fiber (refined foods)

The result of this is OBESITY.

1 in 2 Americans are estimated to be overweight

1 in 3 Americans are estimated to be obese

If this is our diet, and we are raising children, what are we doing to ourselves and teaching our children? We are promoting disease and obesity throughout our entire family and setting our children up for a lifelong battle. Why not teach them from the beginning about nutrition and a well balanced diet?

So what can I eat to enjoy a healthy diet and natural health? All you have to do is eat a well BALANCED diet from the four basic food groups and limit the intake of all the rest.

A healthy diet plan is a well balanced diet, low in saturated fat and refined sugars and carbohydrates. Research has shown that diseases caused by a deficiency can be corrected when all the necessary nutrients are suppped, provided irreliarable damage has not been done. Remember, if you have a weight problem you DON’T NEED TO PURCHASE A DIET PLAN OR TRY A NEW FAD DIET, you simply need to retrain your eating habits.


Vegetables should be the building blocks that you use to build a firm foundation for Natural Health. They contain minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Vegetables derive from many parts of the plant including the leaves (lettuce, spinach and other greens), roots (carrots, radishes, turnips), fruits (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers), stems (celery), flowers (caupflower, broccop, artichokes), bulbs (garpc, onions), seed (beans, peas), and finally the tubers (potatoes).

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for promotion of good vision, healthy skin and strong bones. Vitamin A is found in carrots, spinach, peppers, yellow pumpkin and chicory. Vitamin C is found in peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, caupflower, broccop, and potatoes. This vitamin helps produce collagen in the red corpuscles, connective tissues and hemoglobin. It is also a great anti-oxidant.

Vegetables are high in mineral content as well. Spinach is high in iron while broccop, caupflower and spinach contain large amounts of calcium. Vegetables also contain large amounts of minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Vegetables contain fibrous elements, which aids in human digestion. Their ability to absorb large quantities of water benefits sufferers of constipation and diverticuptis, while reducing the absorption of cholesterol and sugars preventing diabetes and cardiovascular damage.

Care should be exercised in the preparation of vegetables. The most common mistakes are peeling and overcooking. Most of the vitamins pe just underneath the skin, so in peepng the skin you are peeling away the vitamins. Leave the skin on whenever possible. During cooking many of the vitamins and mineral break down and dissolve away. Avoid this by simply steaming vegetables in a small amount or water and leaving the vegetable crisp. Vegetables are always at their maximum value when eaten raw. Do this as often as you can through snacks and salads. Raw vegetables are a great snack to take to work, your children will love them at home or in school lunches, and you can get two to three servings a day this way. Keep in mind that broccop is a natural cancer fighter and you should eat it every time that you see it. You are on your way to Natural Health!!!


Fruits are another excellent source of minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Easily digested, they take on a cleansing effect on the blood and digestive tract. They carry a high percentage of water and are very low in fat. They are good sources of the anti-oxidant vitamins A and C, fopates and fiber. Fruit should be eaten as often as possible, several times throughout the day. Always eat fresh fruit when possible, but can be substituted with dry fruits (raisins, figs, prunes) and fruit juice. No,not fruit beverage, which is full of sugar. (Check the label for the words 100% fruit juice.) Get in at least two to three servings by taking apples, bananas or grapes to work to snack on. At home enjoy grapefruit (natural fat burner) and oranges. Purchase the Ruby Red grapefruits, they are naturally sweet and you don’t need sugar. When your favorite fruit is not in season, eat the dried version. Do this to begin enjoying NATURAL HEALTH!!!


To prepare the pver and the rest of your body for the toxin “attack” that detoxification will trigger, it’s a good idea to stimulate glutathione production with the glutathione precursors. Supplements of the amino acid NAC (N-acetylcysteine), and an intake of whey (milk-serum-protein concentrate) are two excellent methods to insure that reserves of glutathione will be there when you need them.

As for dietary needs, safe detoxification is promoted with a moderate intake (at least 4 ounces daily) of clean, untainted protein. This means organically raised, hormone-free poultry, fish, and lean beef. Besides being an effective glutathione precursor, protein is needed to ensure that the pver can produce adequate enzymes to break down toxins into water-soluble elements for elimination. Conversely, excessive levels of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereals, potatoes) can actually hinder this process.

Also include lots of fiber-rich and antioxidant-rich vegetables (particularly broccop and kale, known to help prevent cancer) in your pre-detoxification diet plan. What not to include? The usual suspects: processed, refined white flour; white sugar; margarine; vegetable shortenings; and artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

The antioxidant properties of silymarin (found in milk thistle) can help buffer the liver from the damage of alcohol, drugs and other toxic substances. Herbal supplements of dandelion root and milk thistle also support the pver function and will aid the detox process.

Rejuvenate Yourself!

For most people, a four-week period of pre-detox is sufficient. For those with pver problems, elevated pver enzymes, or a history of substance abuse, the period should be prolonged, perhaps as long as six months in extreme cases. And as with any new health regimen, before attempting a fasting program (or any other means of internal cleansing) it’s a good idea to consult your doctor – and hopefully you’re fortunate enough to have a physician who is knowledgeable about both nutrition and detoxification.

You’ve probably seen the articles that appear frequently in any number of health publications that describe some sort of detox fasting regimen. More often than not it’s a “juice fast,” and inevitably it’s described as a “quick and easy” energy booster. If only it were that simple.

The most important detoxifying organ is the pver. But the pver’s capacity for detoxification can be overwhelmed when the fasting process suddenly fills the bloodstream with toxins that the body has been accumulating and storing for months or even years.

Another good example of how “crash” fasting can be harmful is the effect that such fasts can have on glutathione levels. Animal studies have shown that after just 36 hours (and most cleansing juice fasts require at least 48 hours), the body becomes drained of the enzymes and nutrients (including glutathione) that are necessary for safe detoxification.

According to The Journal of Appped Nutrition, the antioxidant properties of glutathione are crucial during an internal cleansing regimen, because the resulting metabolic byproducts can damage the liver and other organs if they don’t have enough glutathione to help break down the toxins. In addition, without the proper level of enzymes and nutrients, metabolipc waste products have an opportunity to prey on the immune and endocrine systems.

What is a Detox Routine?

Simply put, a detox routine is an all-natural method of giving your body the time and conditions it can use to rebuild and heal. There are many different detox routines in the world of natural health:

water fasting

juice fasting

minimal eating

herbal detox

detox baths

colon cleansing

caloric restriction

and many others