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You can promote this web site today and watch the profits start rolling in and earn money from home. Signing up for an affiliates program account with us is simple and allows you to start earning money for your referrals immediately. The commissions offered on each sale from Lux Saunas are much more lucrative than they are in other affiliates markets. You can start small and build up your program to refer even more customers and make a steady and passive income. Affiliates with Lux Saunas have drawn profits of as much as $300.00 for one sale.

Top 6 Reasons to Join our Lux Sauna Affiliate Opportunity

1. Saunas designed for home use are taking off in a big way. By 2012, the average American home sauna (unit) sales are expected to reach more than 500,000 every year. Most of these sales will be driven by people beginning to consider retirement – born before 1964 but after 1946.

2. Commissions are high with Lux Saunas – 5% to 10% of each sale. So, if you bring us a customer that makes a $2,995 purchase, you can make up to $300.00 instantly.

3. Our affiliates member package consists of advertising materials that have been proven to generate a high click through rate from each of your site visitors. Advertising materials included are emails, banners, links, buttons and classified advertisements.

4. Referrals are good for 3 years. So, if you send us a potential customer that does not buy immediately but comes back and makes a purchase before 3 years have passed, you still earn the commission on that sale, even if they come back through another site.

5. Each time that one of your referrals makes a purchase, you will be personally notified that the sale took place and what your commission will be. We provide a control panel where you can view all of your affiliates information and statistics pke day to day sales, monthly reports, conversion percentage and total profits.

6. You receive all of the materials and sauna infrared tools that you need to promote our web site effectively – both online and offline.