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New Orleans Far Infrared Saunas – things to know

New Orleans Saunas have helped thousands of individuals to boost the natural healing capacities of the body, avail easy detoxification therapy and rejuvenate the self and the soul. And yes, lose weight too. FIR is absolutely brilliant in aiding calorie burn in the body without any kind of strenuous physical exercise.

100% safe

For those who are skeptical about using Far Infrared, it might be reassuring to learn that it is 100% safe. Similar radiations are used to keep newborn babies warm in hospital units and even NASA has employed this to assist their astronauts in maintaining warm body temperatures inside spacecrafts. This is nothing like Ultraviolet or Atomic radiation and can be safely used for sauna purposes too.

Unique heat radiation therapy

Far Infrared rays that are emitted inside the FIR sauna units are 4 x more effective than conventional sauna systems and induce enhanced sweat excretion in the body. And yet, they operate at lower levels of temperature – 110 degrees to 130 degrees F. As compared to conventional sauna units which operate at much higher levels of temperature, FIR is easier to tolerate and is very safe for use. People with cardiovascular risks or those with fragile health can benefit from this. FIR is immensely therapeutic in nature and since it eliminates toxins from the system, is capable of curing many diseases in the body. One of its popular applications is in the Louisiana Saunas which can be ordered immediately.

New Orleans Far Infrared Saunas help in cure

Many health conditions benefit from the invasion of the Far Infrared like Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Digestive problems, Skin Disorders, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Burns and several kinds of allergies.

Consult Doctor before use

People with some specific health conditions must consult the doctor before using New Orleans Far Infrared Saunas. Individuals who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia, Lupus or those having implants inside the body or women who are pregnant must go for medical consultation before use.