LuxSauna Testimonial Linda Plemmons

“LuxSauna helps with weight Loss”

“The LuxSauna has relaxed me. It goes deep into my bounce and it has played a huge part in increasing my wellness. It’s a stress buster for me and I want to do LuxSauna 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. If someone had one in their home, it will be fantastic. LuxSauna is something that everybody could use in their own home and it’s just beautiful, I mean the feeling you get from using it is just awesome. It helps with the weight loss, it helps with the way your skin feels, I can tell a big difference in the way my face felt, and it removes impurities and the swelling around my ankles. I had a lot of swelling around my ankles, joints and it helps with that too. Anybody in our society could do it and I think it would be good for everybody” – LuxSauna Testimonial Linda Plemmons.