If you are searching for a Sauna in Lexington Kentucky for commercial or home sauna use including portable saunas and infrared saunas, We can provide you with your very own far infrared sauna. Lose weight, detoxify and feel good again in your own portable infrared sauna in the Lexington area. We deliver your Sauna in Kentucky right to your door and is ready for easy installation.

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Find answers about Lexington Far Infrared Saunas
What are Lexington Far Infrared Saunas?

Far Infrared is a high-tech sauna technology in which safe levels of far infrared are used to rejuvenate and detoxify the body through sweating. Excellent home use FIR units and portable solutions are available these days, which can be conveniently used at home to gain all the benefits of infrared sauna.

The sauna equipment walls are lined with heating panels made of thin yet very powerfully activated Carbon Fibers that emit safe volumes of Far Infrared Rays. The FIR session duration and temperature levels can be regulated through a digital controller offered with the unit. Because infrared has lower heat output strength, the environment inside the sauna unit remains warm and comfortable and yet produces an effect which is 4 x more efficient than traditional saunas.

How are Kentucky Saunas different from traditional saunas?

Most heat producing and sweat inducing therapeutic devices work at the surface level, without penetrating to deeper layers of the skin. Resultantly it can leave the user fatigued or burnt without satisfactory results. Infrared on the other hand emits rays at much comfortable temperatures and penetrates much deeper – 2” more than what steam does. Result is increased tolerance, improved blood circulation, greater nutrient influx and removal of impurities and toxins from the system.

How long are the Lexington Far Infrared Sauna sessions?

Depending on the model size, type and FIR output, the infrared sessions can last from 20-30 minutes. Even warm temperatures ensure higher levels of comfort and it is possible to stay for longer in the infrared sauna environment than conventional sauna and steam systems.

Are Lexington Saunas safe for use?

Absolutely. FIR is a natural and safe variety of light energy and is not likely to damage tissues or skin in any way. Not only is it 100% safe for use but is also a revolutionary method to keep fit and stay healthy.