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Des Moines Far Infrared saunas – portable infrared therapy

With portable solutions of Des Moines Far Infrared saunas available at affordable prices, one can now enjoy all the benefits of a sauna within the privacy of the home. Detoxification, calorie-burning, relaxation and healing, a portable far infrared sauna can endow all the advantages of infrared spa therapy on the user. Portable Des Moines saunas are extremely convenient for home use. It can enable one to heal and detoxify the system without undergoing strenuous physical exercise or without taking the trouble of installing a stationary home sauna inside the house. It can be set up anywhere in the interiors and also be moved easily from one room to the other without much difficulty. Different styles of the unit are available these days, making it easier for the buyer to choose a model that suits his requirements best. All machines are lined with good quality carbon sheet or mica heat panels.


  • Unlike the traditional saunas, an infrared sauna is said to remove toxins 4 x the normal rate.
  • Far infrared, experts are of the opinion, helps to fight cancer.
  • Using steam to detoxify produces incomplete results. Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the skin, almost 2” more than what steam is capable of traveling.
  • This is the most luxurious and lazy cardiovascular workout option available and heart health can be improved through this.
  • Infrared therapy is great for boosting skin health. Deep penetrating heat can remove the deeply embedded toxins in the system and also relieve skin diseases like eczema and acne. Natural skin healing capacities are also enlivened.
  • Infrared, although highly effective, has a lower heat output ratio. Hence, tolerance level is higher and energy cost is lower.

Portable Iowa saunas are the best solutions for rejuvenation and relaxation at home.