Recovering from any injury can be a long and painful process. Before Lux Saunas, recovering from a sports of over use injury could mean months away from the activity and long term physical therapy and medication. Although some injuries are very severe and require a long healing process to avoid further serious injury, many injuries can receive a great deal of recuperative benefits from Lux Saunas far infrared heat therapy. Many clinical studies have already revealed the healing power behind infrared rays and many doctors are already using such treatments to speed recovery – in combination with other healing techniques.

One of the greatest advantages of Lux Saunas products to assist with injury recovery is that you do not need to excessively move the injured portion of your body while undergoing treatment. you can simply relax in an infrared sauna and allow the soothing heat to relieve pain and speed up injury recovery during each session.

How Lux Saunas Aids in Injury Recovery

Studies have shown that far infrared rays increase blood circulation to allow oxygen rich blood to reach portions of the body faster. When you receive an injury, oxygen is essential to aiding in the healing process. Injuries that have already been proven to benefit from infrared ray therapy include deep bruises, strains, sprains and tears. These injuries receive all the oxygen rich blood that they need to recuperate quickly and return to their normal function. As an added benefit to increased circulation, more white blood cells can be formed that help fight additional problems like infection of the injured area.

With far infrared heat therapy, your tendons and muscles can relax with the deep penetrating heat and a great deal of pain associated with the injury is often reduced – not just while you are in the actual sauna but continuing after you have left. This heat improves elasticity in your muscles to help prevent the injury from occurring again at a later date.

For athletes or weight lifters, Lux Saunas is an invaluable tool. When you work out, you create tiny tears in your muscles that should be repaired before your next work out. These tears create an oxygen debt in your body that your blood stream must work hard to even out. Lux Saunas improves blood circulation and allows oxygen to be shipped to your muscles faster and more efficiently. By including a 30 minute Lux Sauna session after your workout, you can recover from the workout much faster and reduce the time that it takes you to heal before your next session.