Detox Tips 6:

Tips for using your Infrared Sauna

For optimal benefits, set your controls to maintain a sauna temperature of 110°F-130°F. Please remember that infrared heat is simply radiant energy in the form of a band of light that radiates heat penetrating the skin to a depth of 1½ inches or more. This radiant heat is efficient because it warms the body internally, not the air. Setting higher temperatures may add to personal discomfort with very little therapeutic value. The Sauna should never be set over 150°F. To regulate the temperature in your system during use open the door for cooling.

For optimal results refrain from using the sauna on a full stomach.
It is important to remain hydrated. For best results drink water prior, during and after your sauna session.
Do not apply excess body lotion to your body prior to a sauna session.
Use at least 2-3 towels:
Sit on one folded towel for perspiration absorption and cushioning.
Use another towel on the floor to absorb extra sweat.
Use a third towel to wipe off your body surface sweat.
At the first sign of a cold or flu, increasing sauna sessions may be beneficial in boosting the immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of viruses and bacteria.
As your body becomes more heat conditioned, you may want to increase your sauna session to 45 minutes or longer. Please remember to hydrate your system with plenty of water during the full session.
Note: many people with heavy metal, chemical or pesticide toxicity levels may find it difficult to sweat initially; for some individuals it may require 5-10 sessions before measurable sweat volume is evident, but continuous water intake will enhance detoxification. Even without measurable sweat, the IR sauna is helping to eliminate toxins through urine, bowels and hair.

To treat your ankles and feet more effectively, elevate them while in the sauna. Any area you wish to achieve a specific deep heating effect should be placed as close to the IR emitters as feels comfortable.


By Lawrence Wilson, MD
Everyone today is exposed to heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Particularly for slow metabolizers, a very good method to detoxify the body is the far-infrared sauna. Its dry, warming energy is highly compatible with the human body. It heats the tissues several inches deep, enhancing metabolic processes.

Sauna Benefits

Heating of the tissues enhances metabolic processes. Greater cellular energy production facilitates healing. Viruses, tumors and toxin-laden cells are weaker than normal cells. They tolerate heat poorly. Raising the body temperature causes infections to heal more quickly. Hyperthermia or fever therapy helps combat infections and even cancer. Our bodies develop fever when ill to enhance metabolism and help kill germs.

Saunas enhance circulation and oxygenate the tissues. They open the nasal passages and assist the sinuses to drain. A major eliminative organ, most people’s skin is very inactive. Many do not sweat. This may be due to synthetic or tight clothing that does not breathe. Sedentary living and sun damage also inactivate the skin. Hundreds of chemicals affect the skin from lotions, soaps, creams and deodorants. Others are cleaning solvents, detergent residues and chemicals from bathing water.

Repeated use of the sauna slowly restores skin elimination. Toxic chemicals and metals can be removed faster than with any other method. It is a daily habit that pays many dividends. Steam baths, sweat lodges, vigorous exercise and hot tubs are more extreme and less effective.

Types of Saunas

The traditional sauna is electric, wood or gas fired. Preheating to 150-200 degrees is required for copious sweating. The intense heat is difficult for many to tolerate, especially when ill.

Far-infrared heats the body, the air remaining cool. Sweating begins quickly and the experience is rather pleasant. Very little preheating is needed which saves electricity. LuxSauna Saunas use both ceramic and carbon panel heating elements to generate gentle heat. They both do excellent work.

According to research, far-infrared is more cleansing than traditional saunas. The deep penetration of the infrared energy allows the cells to eliminate better.

The Sauna Experience

Supervision and Safety.

Saunas are safe for most people providing one follows a few simple rules. Remain inside no longer than 30 minutes at a time – and then rest lying or sitting for 10 minutes afterwards. This allows time to epminate dead cells and other debris. Drink mineralized water before and after the sauna. Make sure the bowels move regularly, as sauna therapy will increase elimination.

Use the sauna with supervision if you have a chronic condition. If debilitated or very heat-sensitive, begin with a shorter time. The presence of an attendant or friend is also most helpful. Those with multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, hypertension or serious heart conditions should consult a health professional.

Slow metabolizers may use the sauna up to twice a day. Upon arising and at bedtime are excellent if time permits. Evening is probably best if you use it once a day. If ill, however, the morning is better when energy levels are higher. Less often is also acceptable if beginning or to maintain your health. If you are very debilitated, begin with once a week. Work up to daily use as you feel able. Fast metabolizers should use the sauna once or twice a week.

Taking the Sauna.

Drink two glasses of mineralized water before entering the sauna. Add juice or minerals to your water if it is mineral-free. The infrared sauna will not work through clothing. Men, position yourselves so the testicles are not directly exposed to infrared energy. Pass the time meditating or review your day.

Use a small towel to wipe off the sweat. Not recommended are talking or working in the sauna.

Ventilate the sauna whenever you use it. This may be built into the design. This avoids breathing toxic gases. If you use a bathroom or closet, leave the door slightly ajar.

Bulb Saunas

Turn every few minutes if your sauna uses heat bulbs. Sit on a stool or a chair without a back. Face the bulbs, turn to the side and around to the back.

Avoid touching the hot bulbs, though looking at them is fine. Do not let water, a towel or clothing touch the bulbs when they are on.

When finished, take a shower, warm or cool but not hot. Avoid using soap as you will be clean. Soap leaves a film and clogs the pores. Wash off the sweat with a skin brush or loofa. Brush all over, even face and hair. Painful at first, it soon feels wonderful. Brushing enhances the cleansing effect. Shampoo and conditioner use only if needed. Most contain chemicals toxic to the body. Also skip most lotions and creams. These also contain harmful chemicals.

After the sauna drink a glass of water. Sit or lie down for at least 10 minutes. These simple steps allow your body to reap the full benefit of the sauna experience. As you become healthier, you will sweat more easily.

An Integrated Health Program

Results are much better when saunas are part of an integrated program. To your diet add extra sea salt or kelp granules to replace minerals lost through sweating. Eat natural foods grown on mineral-rich soil. Rest and sleep plenty, and exercise a little each day. Breathe deeply clean, fresh air. Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. Create and maintain a positive environment. Stay happy and bright regardless of what others may say and do.


1. Diet

Avoid all sugar and milk, limit all processed foods and most grains, especially wheat.
It will be important to have a high protein diet as the sulfur-bearing amino acids in the protein will greatly facilitate detoxification. Do NOT attempt to fast during DMPS mercury detoxification. If you are a vegetarian you will be at HIGH risk for complications from DMPS unless you have a large amount of protein.

Whey protein can be used as a supplement as it is high in glutathione and branched chain amino acids. Two large tablespoons are used per drink and that can be taken once a day and twice a day for the week prior to DMPS chelation.
Autistic children can’t use this product as it contains casein. They can use pure branched chain amino acids. You can start with one capsule twice daily and mix with food. Work up to two capsules twice a day for the week prior to DMPS chelation.

2. Beneficial Bacteria

Take one quarter to one half teaspoon once a day of a high potency high quality strain. It is vital to have an optimized bowel flora for detoxification.

3. Maintain two to three bowel movements per day

If you are not having this many bowel movements make certain that your thyroid status has been checked. It is very common for mercury to affect the thyroid. If your thyroid function is fine then you should add some magnesium.

If you are on long-term magnesium it is important to take some calcium with it or after awhile you will develop an imbalance in your calcium magnesium ratio which could result in severe cramliing.

Freshly ground flax seed, several teaspoons per day, will facilitate intestinal movement and also contribute some healthy essential fatty acids.

4. Unload the connective tissue with Chlorella or ProChitosan

Chlorella and ProChitosan are an important part of the detoxification program, as approximately 90% of the mercury in our bodies is eliminated through the stool. Chlorella is an algae and, unlike Protchitosan, has protein-high levels of chlorophyll and other nutrients which can be used for nourishment.

The chlorella powder is the most cost effective approach but some people will prefer the tablets or capsules for convenience. A simple way to dissolve the powder is to place it in a container with a lid partially filled with water. Then tighten the lid and shake to dissolve and drink the solution.

Caution: About 30% of people can’t tolerate chlorella. This may be due to optimized function of the enzyme cellulase. If you are unable to tolerate this it would be wise to consider adding an enzyme with cellulase in it to help digest the chlorella.

Dose: One can start out with a one quarter of a teaspoon of the powder (one 500 mg tablet) once a day initially to confirm that there is no hypersensitivity present. Work up slowly over one to two weeks to a dose of one teaspoon (ten tablets or capsules) per day. Once you tolerate this dose you are able to use it to bind the mercury. Use this dose starting two days prior to your chelation and for one day afterwards. The chlorella will thoroughly coat your intestine and bind like a sponge to any mercury that the DMPS liberates into the gut.

The above dose is based on a 150 pound adult. If you are using the program for children reduce the dose proportionately. (So a 30 pound child would have 30/150 or 1/5 (20%) of the dose).

Caution: If at any time one develops nausea or starts “burliing up” the chlorella taste then the chlorella should be stopped immediately as a food sensitivity is developing which will only worsen if you continue taking it. If this happens you should switch to ProChitosan. This binds similarly to mercury. Its dose is dependent on your bowel movements.

If you have one bowel movement a day or less you should start two days prior to the DMPS . If you have two or more bowel movement you can start 24 hours prior to the DMPS. Stay on it for 24 hours after the DMPS. So you will be on it either two or three days. The dose is two capsules three times a day. Be sure to drink it with plenty of water and increase magnesium if constipation develops.

Porphrazyme from Biotics Research is another alternative to chlorella that many clinicians have had success with in mercury detoxification.

5. Start Garpc or MSM

It would be wise to start on garlic regularly to enhance sulfur stores. Use the food, rather than the supplement garlic. Try to get in three cloves per day, but decrease the dose if your odor becomes socially offensive.

Again, as indicated in the chlorella section above, children will have proportionately lower doses.

MSM is a form of sulfur which will help your body to remove the mercury. The initial dose is one capsule twice a day. Increase by one capsule a day until you are at three capsules twice a day. If you have root canals and are chronically sick you may want to increase to five capsules three times a day.

6. Start Cilantro

Cilantro will help mobilize mercury out of the tissue so the DMPS can attach to it and allow it to be excreted from the body. The best form of cilantro is a tincture available from Dragon River (505-583-2348).

The dose is one dropper applied on the wrists and rubbed in twice a day for the two weeks preceding the DMPS IV. It is used the morning prior to the DMPS chelation but can be stopped for the following two weeks. The tincture is also particularly useful for any joint pain and could be rubbed on the joint that is hurting as an alternative.

You can also augment the tincture with using the herb. It is not as potent, but certainly will add to the program. However, like chlorella, many people are sensitive to oral cilantro. So, if you develop any nausea or discomfort after eating cilantro do not use it orally.

7. Mineral Replacement

It is important to have a generally healthy mineral base. The body works better with toxic metals than no metals at all. Enzymes have certain binding sites that require a metal for them to perform their function as a catalyst. When you are deficient in magnesium, sodium, zinc and other minerals, the body does not let go of the toxic metals very easily.

Selenium and zinc are particularly important trace minerals in mercury detoxification and should be used for most people.

Generally the citrate form of minerals works quite nicely unless one has a low blood phosphorous level. It is important to not take copper or iron though unless a clinician has examined a hair analysis and or blood work and recommended these minerals. Thorne Research has Citramins II, which is citrated minerals without copper or iron.

Hydrochloric Acid:

If you do not have a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid secreted by your stomach then it will be very difficult to ionize mineral supplements to absorb them properly. There is a hydrochloric acid reflex present on the lowest rib approximately one inch lateral to the midline. If this area on the rib is tender to palliation there is a strong likelihood the person is deficient in hydrochloric acid and would benefit from supplementation.

This is especially common in individuals over 50 years old, and also in individuals with food allergies. One to six capsules or more of Betaine hydrochloride is generally taken with the first bite of every meal for proper digestive support. The Betaine can be discontinued once the reflex point is non-tender to deep palliation.

Monitoring Your Mineral Dosing

It will be very important to monitor your mineral levels during the detoxification program. This should be done initially and at least every 6-12 weeks. I only recommend two labs to do this work — Trace Elements and Analytical Research — as they are the only two labs that do not wash the hair samples prior to analysis.

8. Digestion and Gall Bladder Support for Autism

Liver and gallbladder congestion are major issues in states of toxicity. To insure that your gallbladder bile flow is functional add magnesium taurate or taurine, butyric acid (Butryex 559-433-3110)

The dose of the Butyrex initially is 1/8-1/4 of capsule. Gradually increase the dose to 5 capsules 3 times daily. The Butyrex has an offensive odor which is lessened by keeping it in the freezer. Additionally inserting the powder in applesauce, raw honey or elderberry cough syrup may improve compliance.

Digestive enzymes (containing lipase) and CCK (stimulates contraction of the gall bladder). These can be used one hour after meals containing fat. CCK is taken after dinner (high fat meal)

Common dosages for CCK:

young children – 1/4 tablet

older children – 1/2 tablet

teenagers – 1 tablet

adults – 2 to 4 tablets

Your ability to clear toxins will be impaired if you do not have proper fats to support digestive function. Your diet should contain adequate fat from unprocessed pure oils.

Omega Nutrition, Flora or Arrowhead Mills:




OR fats naturally found in foods:




free range organic poultry, eggs, or meats

9. Antioxidants

Vitamin C and E. It would be wise to take Unique vitamin E one capsule per day and about 250-500 mg of vitamin C with each meal. If you are exercising aggressively you can take 1000 mg of C 15-30 minutes prior to exercising. It is also wise to consider adding 2-4,000 mg of Vitamin C powder to a half gallon of water and drinking that throughout the day.

It will be VERY important to take 2000 units (typically five of the 400 unit capsules) of vitamin E the day of and the day after the DMPS injection as this will decrease the side effects of the detoxification reaction considerably. You can also take 1-2 grams of vitamin C immediately prior to the DMPS injection.

10. Start Monthly DMPS Injections, Suppositories or Transdermal

You should not have DMPS if you still have amalgam fillings. If they have been removed the injections can be started on a monthly basis. Collection of the urine is then down to analyze how much mercury is being excreted. One must urinate completely prior to the injection.

I perform the analysis at 90 minutes as that is most convenient, but others do four or 24 hour collections. The DMPS injections are generally given about six times or until the level drops into single digits or you are feeling better.

For pediatric patients

Since an IV is such a traumatic event for most children it is probably wise to use a rectal suppository version of DMPS which is available from most compounding pharmacists. Another alternative is to apply the dose transdermally with DMSO. This is very similar to the way that the hormone secretin is being used for many autistic patients.

The dose is 5 mg of DMPS per kg of body weight and is generally given once a month. The urine collection for pediatric patients incorporates a bag to collect the urine for mercury analysis.

11. DMPS Alternative

Some people do not tolerate DMPS well. This is especially true for those who have damage in the central nervous system, such as those with MS or ALS or children with fragile brain architecture. If this is the case there are several options. PCA (peptid clathrating agent) spray can be used. The dose is 4 sprays under the tongue every day or every other day. One may use a dipeptide amino acid or mixed mineral succinates such as Champion Nutrition Muscle Nitro.