Infrared Sauna Technology

Lux Infrared Sauna Technology and othere frequently asked quesions – explained –

Q. What is your Warranty?

A. All LuxSauna Infrared Saunas come with a lifetime warranty.

Q. What heaters do you use in your saunas?

A. Our exclusive heaters are over sized infrared heaters made from a combination of 100% ceramic materials and 100% carbon panels. This dual combination called “Carbon Boost technology” creates up to 300% more far infrared heat at or near the optimal 9.4 microns.

Q. What is Far Infrared Sauna Technology and why is it better than others?

Infrared rays are split into three categories – near infrared, mid and far infrared. Simply put, Far Infrared rays (shown to emit 7 to 14 microns) match as closely as possible that of the human body. For this reason, Far Infrared heat is the most beneficial heat to humans. This 100% natural heat penetrates your body very deep and very fast. Enough so that it actually melts your deep embedded fat, and then suspends acids and toxins which are naturally, (protectively) stored in fat and allows for safe and effective removal of these toxins from your body.

Q. Why do you use Infrared Heat rather than other sauna heating methods?

Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate deep into your body – virtually at the speed of light – much farther than any other type of heat can penetrate. This level of penetration performs a variety of helpful functions – it stimulates cardiovascular output, reaches subcutaneous fat where toxins are found and stimulates internal organ detoxification. As the fat is melted, toxins are shaken loose from fat cells and can be expelled from the body through sweat. Old fashioned saunas like hot rock or steam use convection heat which heats the room, the wood but NOT the body. So sweat production is less, beneficial toxin reduction is minimal.

Q. Does LuxSaunas use true Far Infrared Technology?

LuxSaunas only uses true far Infrared technology in all models. Only the best far infrared heat technology is used in a LuxSauna, guaranteed to deliver the maximum amount of health benefits to your body. LuxSaunas recognizes that the benefits of a sauna do not stem from how hot the sauna itself gets but how the heat penetrates your body. Each far infrared sauna is designed to place you in the optimal position for heat penetration from all heaters in the unit. Test it yourself as I have. Sit in the sauna within minutes of turning it on. Before it warms up above 90℉ get in. you will notice that you start sweating profusely – EVEN AT 90℉? Yes! That is true far infrared heat penetrating at the speed of light.

So if you’re not comfortable at the highest temperature setting, you can set the temperature lower and still receive the same amount of benefits.

Q. Do your saunas use constant emission technology? I’ve been told that it is more effective?

All far infrared saunas function on constant emission. This is no mystery. For example – the thermostat is set at 120℉. Once the sauna reaches that temperature and it shuts off – the temperature of the heater will remain (far) above 110℉, which means (for at least 15-20 minutes), the heaters are still producing beneficial far infrared heat. Don’t’ make the mistake of paying extra money for an obsolete, but fancy sounding function.

Q. What is an infrared sauna?

The LuxSauna is called the “Fountain of Youth of the 12st Century: Infrared saunas are the newest innovation in health products that act as an excellent alternative to going to the gym or using an old fashioned and painfully hot sauna. Infrared saunas use infrared rays to penetrate deep into your skin – around 2 inches – and shakes toxins away from your fat cells, bringing them to the surface in the form of sweat. Your sweat while using an infrared sauna will consist of 17% to 20% toxic sludge, the elimination of which will make your body healthier and more energized. This toxin percentage is four times higher than that of traditional saunas or most forms of workouts.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my sauna to arrive after ordering?

Most delivery times for LuxSaunas products are within 3 to 7 days. If your product is in stock, it will usually ship within 24 hours but usually does not take more than 48 hours. IF you order a product that is not in stock, you will instantly receive an estimate on the time it will take for your sauna to be delivered. All products are shipped using LTL truck lines.

Q. Why should I order a LuxSauna over another sauna provider?

LuxSaunas takes pride in their custom built saunas and provides models that are not only functional as a fantastic piece of health equipment – but add elegance and an attractive furniture piece for your home. All home sauna models are constructed from the finest quality Canadian Spruce, cedar and untreated, non toxic materials on the interior. We offer the lowest prices with the most benefits – all supported by a life time guarantee. Our saunas are supported by extended medical testing, research and testimonials.

Q. Does the size of a heater make that much of a difference?

Yes and no: Larger carbon heaters mean more surface area coverage with a lower surface temperature. This is good why? Well many companies would have you believe that is the panacea sent from the Gods for far infrared heaters. Most of this hyperbole is marketing.

However we agree – but only to a degree! Less heat? Why is that good? Simply because you can stay in longer! If you can easily stay in the sauna for longer periods of time that’s very good. On the other hand, it takes 20 extra minutes to heat up a 100% carbon heated sauna and an additional 10-12 minutes using the 100% carbon heated sauna to start sweating. But, you’re still getting benefits. You’re always getting more benefits from sweating more profusely. Compare these stats with either our powerful combination, carbon boost technology saunas and you’ll see the difference. You start sweating in 2-m minutes instead of 12. You sweat 300% more in a shorter period of time as well.
So the real choice is do you want more intense heat, sweating 300% more or do you want to relax in a not so hot far infrared relaxation sauna for a longer period of time? Click here to see the difference!

Q. Is consistent heat possible using the LuxSaunas digital controller?

Yes. In order to use your LuxSaunas unit without the heat being shut off as soon as it hits its level (resulting in constant heating up and cooling down), simply set the temperature to the maximum level before you enter it. This will allow the heat to consistently flow through the unit during your up to 45 minute session. Extreme temperatures are not necessary for sauna benefits. It is much more important to evaluate where you are in relation to the heaters to receive the full benefits of the 7 to 14 micron emission. Also, keep in mind; ever if the heater/thermostat shuts off, the heating elements will remain above 110℉ for up to 20 minutes, which means you’re getting beneficial far infrared heat production.

Q. How much electricity does a LuxSauna product use?

Each of our saunas are powered by standard 110 volt, 15 amp outlets that you find throughout your house. Larger units designed to accommodate 3 to 4 people use 20 amp outlets.

Q. How much will it cost me to use my sauna?

If you use it for an hour a day, your monthly increase in your electrical cost should be in the range of $3.00 to $7.00 – no more than a common hair dryer.

Q. Why is a warranty on far infrared sauna cabinetry important?

There is a very good reason that LuxSaunas offers a life time warranty on all of their sauna cabinetry. Over the years, long term exposure to high heat can warp even high quality wood and cracks can begin to form. With our life time warranty, this is not something that you will need to worry about. Most other sauna companies only offer the warranty on the entire unit that we apply to the CD player – 1 year. With LuxSaunas, your sauna is protected for the rest of your life.

Q. What is the best frequency for far infrared saunas?

By studying the effects on far infrared waves on the human body, researchers have found that the best frequency for detoxification is 9.4 microns which matches the human body. With heaters in the 7 to 15 micron range, the majority (97%) of emissions are indeed 9.4. Why is 9.4 so important? Well, a water molecule begins to vibrate at this level and in vibrating; toxins are shaken from it and allowed to be expelled from your body in the form of sweat.

Q. I have some allergies, are your materials more hypoallergenic?

The EPA certifies only three types of wood as being non toxic – some spruce, fir and poplar. Poplar is not hard enough to use in sauna construction so we have chosen only the highest quality Canadian Spruce for our saunas. This hard wood helps protect your far infrared sauna and allows us to provide a life time warranty on all cabinetry. Canadian Spruce is the superior wood for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Q. Are infrared rays safe?

Infrared rays are so safe that many hospitals use them to keep new born babies warm. Tanning beds use ultraviolet waves that can damage skin (just like prolonged exposure to the sun). Infrared rays are naturally produced on the safe emission side of the Sun. In fact, the human body is in the same micron range as the heaters that we use in our saunas. This means that there is a lack of resistance as the heat penetrates your body – causing absolutely no damage. Infrared rays are absolutely safe for humans and have been extensively studied and used in therapy for 80 years.

Q. Can I use your saunas outside?

Many of our sauna models are not intended to be stored outside. However, we use high pressure binding and high precision craftsmanship to protect our saunas from humidity and dry conditions that can be found outside your home. If you plan to store your sauna outside, however, it is important that you invest in one of our sauna covers to protect it from rain, snow and excess sun light that can cause discoloration.

Q. How will my new sauna arrive?

Your new sauna will arrive in 2 to 4 boxes on a pallet. We provide instructions on the web site on how to assemble your new sauna – this process typically takes no more than 45 to 60 minutes.

Q. How does your warranty compare to the competition?

Most sauna manufacturers provide a maximum 5 year warranty on their products. Many actually only cover their saunas for a single year. We provide a life time warranty on all of our saunas. For more information on our life time warranty, visit our life time warranty page.

Q. What is your policy on far infrared sauna returns?

We take pride in your satisfaction. You can return your sauna if not 100% satisfied within 30 days of delivery. However, to offset expensive shipping and refurnishing costs, you will be charged for shipping and a 10% restocking fee – taken out of the refund payment. We are one of the only sauna companies that allow customers to return far infrared sauna products for a refund.

Q. How long will it take for me to get the sauna, if I order now?

A. We constantly updating anticipated delivery dates on If we have the saunas in stock, we will ship them typically within 48 hours, often within 24 hours. If they are not in stock, we immediately offer you an Estimate Time for Arrival – the time for us to stock it and ship it to you. Actual delivery via LTL truck line takes — depending on your location — between 3 to 7 days.

Q. What makes LuxSauna Saunas better?

A. The focus of LuxSauna is truly on the health benefits. The fact that it happens to be an attractive piece of furniture is a bonus. We use 100% ceramic and carbon heaters — the best possible. We use 100% non-out gassing, non-toxic wood. Basically, consider our advantage: The Most Amazing Benefits At The Best Price With A Lifetime Guarantee.

Our infrared LuxSauna is quite the high tech healing rage; a very effective tool…. as confirmed from wide-ranging publicity, clinical research, medical reports and testimonials.

Q. Is the warranty on the cabinetry important?

A. ABSOLUTELY. All of our LuxSauna Saunas carry a Lifetime Warranty – and that includes the cabinetry and the heating elements! The built-in stereos carry a one-year warranty. Most other brands give you a 1-year warranty on the wood cabinetry. Remember, your sauna is a hot box! What will you do if the wood warps or cracks due to excess heat over time? With a LuxSauna Lifetime Warranty on all cabinets, controls, circuits and heaters, you’ll have a lifetime of worry-free operation.

Q. I am chemically sensitive. Are some sauna woods more hypoallergenic than other woods?

A. ABSOLUTELY. According to the EPA there are basically only three 100% non-toxic woods: fir, poplar and some spruce woods. Poplar is too soft and since we offer a lifetime warranty, we prefer the harder, equally non-toxic fir woods: spruce and fir. LuxSauna prides itself on not taking shortcuts.

Q. Is Infrared heat safe? Is it like a microwave or a tanning bed?

A. Infrared heat is completely safe. In fact, it is so safe, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborns. Infrared heat is part of the very safe bandwidth of light, unlike ultraviolet (tanning beds) or microwaves. Picture a band measuring the heat of the sun. On the far left you have gamma rays, on the right you have microwave, somewhere north of center you have Infrared within this range is near, medium and far infrared. It is within the far infrared range that the required heat range is most vital.
The reason for its highly beneficial effect on the human body is this: 1.Our bodies are on the same micron level as the heat emission of our Far Infrared heaters. This means that 93% of the heat penetrates, virtually at the speed of light because there is no resistance. The benefits are immediate and amazing. 2. It will stimulate a cardiovascular workout. 3. It helps detoxify your vital organs. And, 4. It is the only heat that penetrates deeply enough to melt subcutaneous fat. At 40c or 110f your fat melts, shaking loose toxins and acid and excreting it directly out of the body through sweat as well as kidney/liver, etc.

The reason for its highly beneficial effect on the human body is this: 1. Our bodies are on the same micron level as the heat emission of our ceramic heaters. This means that 93% of the heat penetrates, virtually at the speed of light because there is no resistance. The benefits are immediate and amazing. 1. It will stimulate a cardiovascular workout. 2. It helps detoxify your vital organs and 3 it is the only heat that penetrates deeply enough to melt subcutaneous fat. At 40c or 110f your fat melts, shaking loose toxins and acid and excreting it directly out of the body through sweat as well as kidney/liver etc..

Q. Can I put a Far-infrared sauna outdoors?

A. Most Far Infrared saunas are not designed to go outdoors. But because of LuxSaunas high-pressure binding and precision hand craftsmanship, our sauna cabinetry can endure outdoor humidity and dryness as long as you protect it with our optional waterproof canvas cover.

Q. What is the difference between regular saunas and LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas?

A. Basically it’s the quality of the heat emission. Traditional hot-rocks-and-steam saunas heat the air and the entire room, and gradually that heat affects your body. Far Infrared heat is different. Imagine being outside on a cool, sunny day, say 50 degrees F. You still feel warm because of the radiant heat from Far Infrared rays emitted by the sun. However, when a cloud covers the sun, the chill returns – the Far Infrared rays don’t heat the air. The Far Infrared LuxSauna Sauna is on a 7-14 micron level, which is the same as the human body. This means that at least 93% of the heat emitted from our ceramic And carbon infrared heaters penetrates the body, virtually at the speed of light. The regular hot- rock-and- steam saunas and traditional heat lodges or convection heaters barely penetrate the surface of your skin; millimeters at best.

The infrared sauna will generate 200% to 300% more sweat. And the sweat created by the LuxSauna Far Infrared Sauna has been clinically determined to be a combination of 15% – 20-% toxins, acids and cellulite as well as other toxic elements. In traditional saunas, the sweat measures only a 3%-5% toxin content.

The infrared sauna will generate 200% to 300% more sweat. And the sweat has been clinically determined to be a combination of 15% – 20-% toxins, acids and cellulite as well as other toxic elements. While traditional saunas measure only 3%-5% toxins.