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LuxSauna offers the highest quality Infrared Sauna Products at the lowest price – superior compared with others – Luxsauna manufactures the best far infrared saunas on the market. You find the most complete line of portable infrared sauna kits designed to accommodate all of your dimensional and budgetary desires. We have the one person sauna kits for those with limited space but who need the sauna for the health benefits the entire family can enjoy. We present the latest, proven infrared heat technology for the best types of infrared sauna experience you could ever experience. Our infrared sauna product line includes 1 person saunas, 2 person saunas, 3 person saunas and 4-5 person saunas. The larger infrared saunas provide ample room for users to stretch their legs, relax comfortably, or even get a sauna workout or just enjoy a truly blissful experience. All of our far infrared saunas are built for both function and aesthetic appeal. Each infrared sauna we offer is designed to provide the utmost sauna health benefits and sauna weight loss benefits with patent pending combined ceramic and carbon sauna heater technology.

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Buddy DiscountDesigned to accommodate up to three people, our 3 person infrared sauna SolarSpa far infrared sauna is popular with families and single customers that prefer to have plenty of room in their home sauna to stretch out and relax. This flat wall unit comes with all of the features of our Elite line while featuring a double window front and three individual exterior lights to provide both function and full aesthetic accent lighting.


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Far Infrared Saunas by LuxSauna Discover for yourself the latest Far Infrared Sauna Heat technology in the comfort of your own home. Were so confident you’ll love the infrared sauna health benefits and the feeling you derive from using the LuxSauna were willing to have you try the LuxSauna in the privacy of your own home for 90-Days.

Experience this patent pending “Carbon Boost”, deep penetrating carbon sauna far infrared heat like no other on the market for yourself.


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All LuxSpas Elite Portable Infrared Sauna Kits utilize state-of-the-art Black Bio-Spectrum Ceramic Heating elements for maximum penetration of subcutaneous fat and stimulation of therapeutic and detoxifying sweat.


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Protect Your Infrared Sauna Investment

LuxSPA’s sauna covers are an elegant and effective method of protecting your wise investment. Easy to use, unzip and tie the front cover up and you’ll never need to take it off.