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Why Experts Recommend LuxSauna

1. Clinically tested (patent pending) far infrared heaters produce 362% + Faster far infrared heat-up, 339% more detoxifying sweat production.

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In this economy we understand that many of you want the best, but price might be an issue. We seek to help out by eliminating the obstructions to your health by making it easier on your wallet. Which means every week we select certain saunas to add to our closeout bargain page. When you sign up you will be taken to the page with today’s closeout bargains.



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“Please thank Dave Hastie for the excellent manner and thoroughness in handling my order. From the start I knew I was in good hands, his willingness to help came through on each occasion I had to talk to him”.
Craig Langston

The Obvious: Cheap Products – flimsy, weak Cabinetry, untested or non conforming Electronic Components, cheap Chinese knock off Heaters that produce heat, but no beneficial heat in the far infrared range, new companies that will go out of business and offer zero Customer service. ** You may pay less now** only to be left with a non-working sauna and no company to call for service in the future.

The not so Obvious: Lots of hope lost when your far infrared sauna you receive is actually not producing far infrared heat at all, (evidenced by the lack of profuse sweating), and you’re not getting the health benefits you signed up for! Click here to see what you need to know about far infrared heat technology.

Among many warnings we would offer to someone just starting to educate themselves on far infrared saunas we present the caveats below:

False advertising: you’ll see newer company’s falsely advertising clinical research as their own using graphs stolen from competitors and modified with their own company name. One company stole a graphic from one of our earlier suppliers, modified it and put it on their site. This study was done in 2002. They weren’t’ in business until mid 2006. But that shouldn’t stop an honest business man from selling saunas.

Branded (the best) heaters: It’s actually quite humorous as some companies attribute a brand name to their sauna heaters. As if they’re REALLY (?) unique. They’re from one of only a few companies in China. I’ve been there. I’ve seen their factories with partial loads of (branded) saunas getting ready for shipping to these companies in the U.S.. They’re all the same heaters! But in their words (online) they are THE ONLY heaters – the ONLY style you should get or you’re not getting the best… they all the same!

NOTE: LuxSaunas factory is in Japan where they have proven year after year to be on the cutting edge of development for far infrared heat technology – and it is where we developed our revolutionary, patent pending Carbon Boost technology.

LIFE TIME warranty: Since LuxSauna first initiated the Lifetime warranty over 7 years ago, every company; new and old has jumped on the bandwagon to offer lifetime warranties. The problem is that most won’t be in business even a year from now. We get calls quite often to see if we can help with a sauna bought from a company that’s no longer in business. Watch out…

Too Cheap to be True? The adage, you get what you pay for is more true now than ever. Particularly when purchasing a Chinese commodity over the internet. Real Far Infrared saunas really do work, which is why they’re being used in many famous alternative health and medical clinics. There are extremely cheap saunas out there. Don’t get me wrong, competition is not only great, it’s inevitable. So when you have a company willing to sell a sauna so low you want to know how and why. The how is that they get them for an extremely low price.

Cost saving measures such as:

½ the weight in wood – makes them flimsy, weak and fragile. Don’t try moving these after you’ve assembled them once.

Inadequate Electronic Components:
This could present obvious problems.

Heaters that do not produce far infrared: Why else would you want a far infrared sauna if not for the benefits of true far infrared heat? This is the big one. Its so much cheaper to use the knockoff Chinese carbon or ceramic. Again you can see the difference by clicking here:



So when evaluating what should be the best investment in your lifetime keep these truths in mind and make it a happy, healthy experience.

Sacrificing Quality Infrared Heat for Style: There are certain features that just challenge your common sense.

For example, there is a desperate goal, particularly online to convey something so unique that people will believe you’re the best. The benefits of far infrared are in fact derived simply because 9.4 on the far infrared scale is where the human body is. By effectively matching this micron range with far infrared heaters you get the deep heat penetration that CREATES 100% of the benefits. It’s not near infrared heat, it’s not medium infrared heat; it’s FAR INFRARED HEAT at or close to 9.4 on the micron scale. Then you have some obvious obstacles to far infrared heat penetration such as wood blocking as much as 67% of the heat. The one thing you don’t need in front of your heaters is wood blocking your beneficial far infrared heat such as what you see in this picture: