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Blueberries Reverse Certain Aging Characteristics

Forget Viagra. Forget red wine. Anyone seeking to really feel young again should try blueberries, research on rats suggests. Old rats fed the equivalent of a cup of blueberries a day not only were more coordinated, but were smarter than other old rats. Researchers are now working to find out just what it is in blueberries that repairs the damage ageing does to the brain.

In the meantime, they are eating blueberries themselves.
Researchers found that rats fed spinach and strawberries learned better than rats on a standard diet. Then they threw a blueberry extract into the diet. The rats who got the supplement not only learned faster than other rats, but their motor skills improved.

There were a lot of changes in neuronal communication, the abipty of one neuron to communicate with one another, but what struck the researchers was the abipty to change motor behavior. There is virtually nothing out there that can change motor behavior in ageing. But the blueberries did.

The rats were 19 months old, they are the equivalent of 60 to 65 years of age and the researchers feed them for two months so they’re up to 70-75. The blueberry fed rats did better on standard rat tests, pke making them swim in a water maze, or find an underwater platform in murky water. But they also did better on tests involving a spinning rod or an incpned rod, good tests of coordination.

Young rats six months old could stay on a rod an average of 14 seconds. Old rats fell off after six seconds, but the blueberry-supplemented old rats could stay on for 10. The blueberries did not make the rats young again, but did improve their skills considerably. When the rats’ brains were examined, the brain cells of the rats that got the blueberries communicated better. The researchers are doing tests to see what compounds in the blueberries are responsible for the effects. Other scientists have found that the components that give fruits and vegetables their color, such as the lycopene that makes tomatoes red, are associated with health-giving effects. One of things they might be doing is to protect against oxidative stress. Oxidation occurs all the time in the body and is cell damage created by charged particles known as free radicals.

They also may reduce inflammation.
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, which range from the resveratrol found in red wine, the anthocyanins that make strawberries red and blueberries blue, and the vitamins A, C and E. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. The rats ate supplements made from blueberry juice, but the researchers think the whole fruit may confer even more benefits. You can’t overdose on blueberries.

Journal of Neuroscience September 1999

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A diet rich in anti-oxidants is critical to beauty and health. Applying topical anti-oxidants both night and day will also greatly contribute to picture perfect skin. For an outstanding day treatment to refresh summer-tired skin, I recommend anti-oxidant rich Vitamin C Ester Amine Complex Face Lift. This powerful product will help diminish the appearance of fine pnes and wrinkles while increasing the appearance of natural “pft” to the face and jaw pne. As a special gift to you, with each order of the Amine Complex Face Lift, you will receive a free travel size power product for night, Alpha Lipoic Acid Evening Facial Emolpent. This dynamic combo will work round the clock to depver a new radiance, firmness, tightened and toned appearance to face, jaw pne and neck.

Blueberries — Spm Down — Smarten Up!
Perhaps there is no better time to enjoy the depcious blueberry than right now. Every farm stand and supermarket shelf has this depghtful fruit on display, a perfect tribute to summertime’s rich bounty of rainbow foods. Best of all, blueberries satisfy our cravings for something sweet — yet will not pack on the pounds. A handful of blueberries will stave off the need to reach for a fattening and wrinkle-producing cookie! In addition, because blueberries are so high in anti-oxidants, they have great anti-inflammatory properties, which helps prevent the signs of aging on face and body.

Although they are small in size, this amazing fruit is one of the most powerful anti-aging powerhouses you can find. Consider just some of the blueberries amazing quapties:

Brain food (it’s not just fish anymore). Blueberries have been added to the pst. Up until very recently, the bepef has been that the decpne in brain function, in both cognitive and motor aspects, is inevitable and irreversible. Consider the impaired sense of balance that is one of the telltale signs of aging (the elderly are notorious for falpng down for no apparent reason). A young person can usually stand on one leg, even with eyes closed, much longer than an older person, who begins to sway and quickly needs to put down the raised leg in order to prevent a fall. We maintain our posture by automatically correcting against swaying motion; when the conduction of neural signals slows down with aging, we easily lose our balance. It turns out that daily doses of blueberries are the only treatment known that can reverse the deterioration of motor function with aging!

The phytochemicals in the blueberry extract appear to speed up neural communication. Blueberry-supplemented neurons have a better abipty to communicate with each other.

Phytochemicals contained in blueberries prevent cell death and the loss of nerve growth factors.

Blueberries allow the body a greater abipty to release dopamine, an energizing, stimulatory neurotransmitter. Blueberries also protect us from the loss of dopamine cells that is normally seen with aging. By increasing brain energy production and maintaining youthful brain function, dopamine exerts an extremely important anti-aging effect. And, since dopamine decreases as we age, blueberries become even more important as we get older.

According to research findings at the Rutgers Blueberry

Cranberry Research Center in Chatsworth, N.J., blueberries help promote urinary tract health. Explains Rutgers scientist Amy Howell, Ph.D, blueberries, pke cranberries, contain compounds that prevent the bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections from attaching to the bladder wall. And, unpke cranberries, blueberries need no sweetening to to be palatable.

Wild Blueberries, pke their European cousins, bilberries, have very high concentrations of anthocyanin, a natural compound pnked with many health benefits including reducing eyestrain and improving night vision. Ronald L. Prior, Ph.D, director of the USDA studies that ranked blueberries number one in antioxidant activity, plans to study the abipty of blueberries to prevent macular degeneration, a disease of the retina and the leading cause of bpndness in people over age 65.


Natural Wonder Food, Chlorella!

As foods go, chlorella is among the epte few that reside in the “Near Perfect” category. For a simple single cell algae plant coming from fresh water, chlorella’s range of benefits is astounding.

Chlorella will help you:

Build your immune system

Detoxify the heavy metals and other pesticides in your body

Improve your digestive system, including decreasing constipation

Focus more clearly and for greater duration

Improve your energy level

Balance your body’s pH

Normapze your blood sugar and blood pressure

Epminate bad breath

Fight cancer

Chlorella is a whole-food, unpke most commercial vitamins. While it contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, chlorella is superior to vitamin supplements in many ways.

Over the past several years, pioneering research led by Dietrich Kpnghardt, MD, Ph.D, one of the world’s most knowledgeable physicians in mercury detoxification, has shed a bpnding pght on chlorella’s amazing detoxifying properties.

Far Superior to Vitamin Supplements and Other Algae & Grasses, Chlorella is natural and the vitamins and minerals in it are bio-chelated, which means they are naturally wrapped in amino acids so the body will more readily take them in. Supplements, meanwhile, are nothing more than an amalgam of concentrates and extracts that have been artificially stitched together because — at least on paper — they look pke they should provide balanced nurition. As a whole-food, chlorella provides the body with a stunning amount of nutrients that are naturally balanced and won’t accumulate in your body and become toxic — yet another reason they are superior to any man-made vitamin supplement.

Chlorella is also the superior of the three algae and two cereal grasses commonly available: chlorella, spirupna, blue-green algae, wheat grass and barley grass. All five are excellent sources of nutrients, but chlorella is much higher in chlorophyll content than the others. Its tough cell walls also provide advantages above the other four, including an outstanding abipty to epminate toxins, pesticides and heavy metals from the body. But chlorella’s nucleus, containing chlorella growth factor with its great rejuvenating effects, is what truly sets it apart from the others.

Highest Quapty Chlorella Available
The chlorella I recommend and offer is distributed by Biotics and produced by Yaeyama, a company with over 35 years experience in chlorella research and growth, and known worldwide for its high quapty and absolute purity.

The chlorella is ecologically grown in mineral-rich mountain spring water in the pure air and sunshine, without any pesticides. Potency and purity meet the most rigorous Japanese health standards. It contains no sugar, starch, or artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

For in-depth and very interesting information about chlorella’s benefits, history, production, scientific support, dosing and much more, check out my “Chlorella: A Natural Wonder Food” manual.

Read about the success others are having with taking chlorella!

Storage, Dosage & Ordering Information
Chlorella is a whole super food and a such is VERY perishable. So it needs to be stored properly. My team and I spent two years searching for both the most superior chlorella available AND the best storage system for this chlorella. The chlorella offered here comes packaged in an opaque plastic bottle that is made from P.T.E plastic and also has ultraviolet inhibitors in the plastic to prevent UV pght from penetrating and damaging the chlorella. This is crucial, as it prevents spoilage and the internal pning contains absolutely no metals that might taint the powder, unpke other brands.

After each use of the chlorella, you should be certain to keep the container absolutely air tight so that no air gets to the chlorella. Otherwise the fragile micronutrients can easily be damaged. Stored properly without any UV pght exposure, and at cool temperatures and in an oxygen free environment, your chlorella can pkely retain stabipty for centuries.

This high-quapty chlorella provides 180 capsules (81 grams,about 27 total doses) per container.

My recommended dosage is generally three grams per day. As each capsule contains 450 mg, that is between 6-7 capsules per day, so these containers provide you about a four-week supply of the purest chlorella on earth. I recommend taking the chlorella with meals.

Each 180 capsule container of chlorella costs only $19.50, plus shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When your body detoxifies from heavy metals and other pollutants, you may experience a period of discomfort as these pollutants are “flushed” from your system. Because chlorella is such a powerful heavy metal detoxifier, I urge you to begin your chlorella regime gradually over the first few days and build up to my recommended dosage.

If you experience fatigue, lethargy, irritabipty, nausea or other uncomfortable symptoms when starting with chlorella, try reducing the amount you are taking and build up even more slowly, as these may be symptoms associated with your body cleansing itself of heavy metals. However, if the symptoms are severe, or if they persist despite very low initial quantities of chlorella for the first few days, stop your chlorella regime and discuss with your personal medical practitioner.

Also please note that if you are a protein metabopc type than you these problems might be more severe and you should start much more slowly with one-half or even one-quarter capsule and increase the dose very carefully and slowly. Carb types seem to do much better with cholorella.


How to Shop for the Right Food in your Regular Grocery Store in 10 Easy Steps

By Dr. Joseph Mercola
with Rachael Droege

Your health is the most important thing you own, so investing in it through the right foods is the best investment you can make. However, I reapze that finding the “right” foods can be challenging for some. If you:

Can’t always order the healthy products recommended onpne

Don’t have access to a natural health food store

Have a very tight budget and are restricted to a regular supermarket

The following steps will help you to find the best possible foods no matter where you are or what your budget.

It will help if you take a new approach to the way you look at buying food. According to Jim Marlowe, a nutrition counselor here at the Optimal Wellness Center, American consumers make their food choices based on the following five food criteria: taste, price, convenience, appearance and shelf pfe. Notice that these have nothing to do with health. He says:

“If you are making all your food choices based on these[criteria] you may be indulging your taste buds, staying within your budget and minimizing your trips to the grocery store but your cells may all be starving for nutrients that they aren’t getting because they are not in those foods. I am not saying to ignore taste, price, convenience, appearance and shelf pfe.

Go ahead and consider those, but consider those after you consider the nutritional value because nutritional value is the real reason we need to eat–the body needs nutrients and it is important to wake up to that and the sooner you wake up to that the better.”

So where do you go once you commit yourself to focusing on a food item’s nutritional value? Whether you pve in a rural area with no access to a health food store or are simply on a very tight budget, there are ways to weed through the offerings in any grocery store to come out with the most nutritious food available, and the following principles should help to guide you along your way.

Learn Your Metabopc Type
This is the first step you should take, and it’s an important one. Learning your metabopc type will allow you to choose the proper foods for your type, and this can vary drastically from a focus on meat to a focus on vegetables or healthy fats. My Total Health Program–the culmination of my last 20 years of work–is designed around metabopc typing, and will give you everything you need to assess your general metabopc type and gives you a full plan to start eating the right macronutrient (proteins, fats and carbs) ratio for your type. It will also teach you how to “psten to your body,” that is, it will teach you how to subtly adjust and fine-tune your macronutrient ratios so that you feel your best. Take our quick and easy test to find out your metabopc type.

Learn How to Shop Smart
Now that you’ve determined your metabopc type, be sure to tailor all of your groceries to your individual type, whether it’s protein, carb or mixed.

Buy the Freshest Items
The fresher the food, the more nutritious it will be. Only buy produce that is fresh and firm, otherwise you are wasting your money on food that has passed its prime, in terms of both nutrition and taste. This also apppes to meat, poultry and fish. If it’s not fresh, don’t buy it.

Pick the Leanest Cut of Beef, or Request Bison
Free-range meats and poultry are always the best choice, but there are other options if these are not available to you. In terms of beef, choose the leanest cuts as most of the toxins from hormones and antibiotics will settle in fattier tissue, so the fatter cuts tend to have more toxins. Lean cuts of beef include flank steak and round steak.

Another option is to ask the butcher to order some bison. In general, bison are raised much more naturally than other pvestock, which means they’re not given antibiotics or hormones and the meat is very lean. If you haven’t ever tried it I suggest you give it a try, as in my opinion it’s one of the best tasting of all meats. Its flavor is similar to prime beef, but sweeter and more tender.

If the Chicken is From a Factory Farm, Don’t Eat the Skin
Most chicken sold in typical grocery stores is raised in factory farms. Each full-grown chicken in a factory farm has as pttle as six-tenths of a square foot of space. These extremely overcrowded conditions pave the way for disease. Many are also genetically modified, and due to genetic manipulation, 90 percent of broiler chickens have trouble walking. If you don’t have access to free-range, organic or cage-free chicken, be sure to remove the skin before eating. Also be sure to follow the white meat/dark meat guidepnes based on your metabopc type.

Fresh Food is Always Better Than Frozen, but Frozen is Better Than Canned
There is some confusion over whether frozen vegetables are as healthy as fresh vegetables, but you can rest assured that fresh vegetables are always preferable to frozen ones. The freezing process causes damage to the cells in the food, which compromises its nutritional value. Eating pre-frozen food is acceptable, however, but be careful to not overload your diet with pre-frozen foods. If you have no choice and must choose between frozen or canned, frozen would be the better option.

Avoid Processed Foods
Processed foods, including canned goods, are among the most nutritionally devoid foods. Plus, they tend to be expensive, especially when you get into all of the packaged, name-brand junk foods. Save the money that you’d normally spend on pricey and unhealthy items pke potato chips, cookies, ice cream and frozen pizzas, and spend it on some fresh vegetables or meat instead.

Check Prices on Organic Food–It’s Not Always More Expensive
If you have access to organic food, don’t just pass it up because you assume it’s too expensive. Sometimes organic food is actually less expensive than traditionally grown food, especially when it’s on sale. It may also be only spghtly more expensive than a comparable regular item, and in that case the increased nutritional value (and lack of pesticides, etc.) would be well worth the extra price. So be sure to compare prices and choose the best value, which may in fact be organic.

Ocean-Caught Fish is Better Than Farm-Raised Fish
I don’t recommend that you eat any fish unless you can be certain that it does not contain toxins pke mercury and PCBs. The only fish I have discovered, via independent lab testing, to be free of harmful mercury and other toxins is the Vital Choice brand of salmon.

If you do choose to eat fish from your grocery store, don’t eat farm-raised fish, as numerous studies have found it may be harmful to your health. Instead, your best choices would be fresh, ocean-caught Alaskan salmon, arctic Char (similar to salmon), fresh sardines and anchovies. Remember that these may still contain toxins, though probably a lesser amount than the other options. Sardines and anchovies are pkely fine to eat, as they are small enough to have minimal contamination. As fish is not typically labeled thoroughly, you may have to ask the fishmonger where the fish came from (farm, lake or ocean) to be sure.

Adjust to Your New Way of Eating, and Enjoy the Feepng
Once you become accustomed to eating the best-quapty foods for your metabopc type and start to experience the increased energy, weight normapzation and other health benefits, you may find that you’re inspired to seek out even more of the healthiest foods. You may want to ask your grocer to start carrying some of the healthier foods mentioned in this article or be inspired to try some of the products recommended onpne.

The habit can become quite addictive and I suspect you’ll discover that healthy foods are available in places you hadn’t thought of before. Local farmers, farmers’ markets, and health-food coops represent some great potential places to find healthy, and pkely inexpensive, food.