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Illinois, Chicago gears up for the far infrared sauna revolution

You are at the right place if you are looking at having your own Chicago saunas. Lux saunas supply various sauna products all around the Illinois, Chicago area and specialize in the supply of portable and far infrared saunas. Whether you want a sauna for personal or commercial use, you can own a high quality and high performance sauna, you can find them right here. The benefits of a far infrared sauna are many and the saunas from Lux can assure you of all these benefits right from the comfort of your home. A far infrared sauna is a better choice when compared to a regular sauna for the simple reason that a regular sauna wastes too much energy on heating up an entire room whereas a far infrared sauna will heat up the user’s body and penetrate right through the skin and assist in effective detoxification. All far infrared saunas purchased from this company are made of the highest quality of ceramic heaters and wood exteriors and if the reports of the many customers of Illinois saunas are anything to go by one will experience a remarkable difference in the overall health in just a week’s time. You can also think of gifting a far infrared sauna to a loved one and give them the lasting benefits of weight loss, detoxification, cardio-vascular simulation and enhanced quality of life. You only have to place your order and the sauna will reach your doorstep within 24-48 hours. Lux Sauna offers a lifetime warranty on its saunas and the accessories such as the stereo CD, AM/FM player come with a one year warranty. So if you want to experience good health from the comfort of your home call a sauna home today. “